Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Monday Stories

„Monday Stories” is a series of meetings with inspiring guests who are willing to share their experiences of living and working in another country. These events aim to enrich local people’s knowledge about other countries through the experience of people who lived in those countries. Not only the speakers will share their experience and will try to portray what it means to live in a foreign country, but they will also provide practical information which could be useful for everyone thinking about moving to that country. Each edition foresees a presentation about one country and a discussion after. The events are hosted in English and take place every Monday at 7PM in Pijalnia Rzeszowska (Grunwaldzka 1). Speakers are all volunteers and everyone who is willing to share their experience abroad with other people is more than welcome to apply with us.

Visit our Calendar or Facebook events to find our more about upcoming editions.