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Open Cafe

Open Cafe

Come to the Open Cafe and let’s get to know each other! Every Wednesday, at 6.00 p.m., we meet at Urban Lab Rzeszów in Rzeszów. Open Cafe meetings are held in English and facilitated by international volunteers working in our organization thanks to the European Solidarity Corps program.

Open Café is a place where you can learn about various cultures, share your own experiences and take part in fun activities and workshops. Young people from Rzeszów get the opportunity to discuss local and worldwide social issues, as well as improve their English, thanks to weekly meetings. The aim of the Open Café is to foster a more open and integrated society. It is a chance for young Rzeszów inhabitants to connect and get to know each other, both those who were born here and those who relocated to our city from other parts of the world. With a cup of hot coffee or tea in your hand, we create a space to discover other cultures, share your own experiences and engage in interesting activities and workshops. Open Café is also a space for you to talk about and expand your awareness of local and global social issues.

The event is free to attend. Join the Open Cafe Rzeszów group on Facebook and follow our social profiles to stay up to speed on our activities. 🙂

Since 2016, Open Cafe sessions have been conducted (nearly) every week! and have already been carried out in a variety of locations, including the Rzeszów Culture Incubator and the Rzeszów Bureau of Art Exhibitions. Currently, thanks to the hospitality of the Rzeszów City Hall, we can implement them in the city’s Urban Lab.

The success of Open Cafe in Rzeszów inspired us to popularize this format also in other countries. Thanks to the Erasmus Plus program of the Youth Sector, as part of strategic partnerships, we implement international projects popularizing Open Cafe throughout Europe. You can read more about it here:

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New-season 2021/2022 at Urban Lab

Summer 2021 at Kwatrat Kultury 

BWA editions 2019-2020

Season 2017/2018 available here

Season 2016/2017 is available here.