Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

For Ukraine

For Ukraine

Dear Friends from Ukraine! We are aware that today there are no words to make you feel better. But you should know that we are with you and you can count on us. To young Ukrainians – our European programmes can help with your start in Poland. We have funds to involve you as volunteers in our organizations and provide you with accommodation and pocket money.

Our volunteers help at a support point at the Rzeszow Train Station 

We finance the work of 20 young volunteers, Polish-Ukrainian translators, who help to run a support point at the Rzeszów railway station. Our volunteers are available full-time and they work in a three-shift system, which guarantees constant assistance anytime, day and night. We cover the costs of accommodation, boarding and subsistence. Also, our volunteers receive training, supervision and psychological support. The project is carried out from March 12 to April 12th, 2022, and is funded by the European Solidary Corps programme. The project is realized in cooperation with the Municipality of Rzeszow, as the coordinator of the support point.

We include young refugees in our socio-cultural volunteering programmes

We strive for the integration of young Ukrainian refugees into socio-cultural activities in Rzeszów. We support the inclusion process within the local community. On April 24, 2022, we are starting a new volunteering project. It is a 7-week program of socio-cultural activities conducted by a group of 16 international volunteers. We are looking for flexible, creative people who speak English and enjoy social activities. We provide accommodation in our hostel in Rzeszów, lunch on working days and financial support approx PLN 1,600 in cash. The priority in this recruitment is Ukrainian youth, in particular, those who are destitute, are already in Poland, plan to stay here, and are looking for a new start. We provide psychological support as well as coordinate their everyday work. More about the volunteering programs is available HERE.

Moreover, thanks to the ESC programme, we also finance the work of young volunteers in our partner organization, which is the BWA Art Galery in Krosno. BWA has already accepted one Ukrainian volunteer refugee who started working in Krosno in mid-March 2022. In the near future, BWA will host more volunteers from Ukraine – 2 people for 2 months and 2 more people for the entire year. BWA has the Quality Lebel, which allows you to host volunteers within the ESC programme.

We are part of the Parasol Group

The Parasol Group was created as a response to the current situation in Ukraine. It is a grassroots, apolitical movement of non-governmental organizations and activists from the Podkarpackie province in Poland. Our province is directly neighbouring Ukraine. We provide comprehensive support to refugees and organizations working on their behalf. Our activities cover the entire area of Podkarpackie province and not only. We coordinate and professionalize actions that arose from the heart’s need in response to the crisis More information is available here. 

We support international humanitarian organisations and foreign activists

Having many years of experience in international cooperation, we provide support to other humanitarian organizations or individual activists, especially foreign ones, facing the language barrier. We offer help in finding information and contacts, all help in English. We can offer office space and accommodation in our hostel as well as consultancy services. We are open to cooperation.


Beata Szmuc – chairperson 

phne. +48 721 109 179 / e-mail: