Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

European Solidarity Corps in INPRO

European Solidarity Corps in INPRO

Our organization is accredited to host European volunteers. We usually host 4 volunteers for 6-months – from October till March and from April till September. We also host short-term volunteers (6-8 weeks) within volunteering teams projects. Short-term projects are dedicated ONLY to volunteers with Fewer Opportunities accordingly to the program guide. It means that you will have to explain to us in your application, why you are a person with fewer opportunities. 


If you want to know what vacancies we currently have, you should visit the European Solidarity Corps platform. Every call for new volunteers is public and we announce it through the platform. So, if you want to find more information about what vacancies we currently offer, please register on the platform and look for more details there.

Please note, that we receive many applications and we run a careful selection. So, if you want to get accepted for volunteering in our organization, please consider a few tips.

–          before applying, get to know us well by going through our website and social media channels

–          compose a nice and informative application dedicated to our organization

–          be creative – we are happy to review applications which stick out of the crowd

–          show what you are good at and how you can contribute to our work

If you are not sure how to prepare a good application, you can contact a Sending Organization in your country which will help you out.

Please apply by sending your application via the European Solidarity Corps platform. You can apply only if we have an open call on the platform. In your message explain why you are a person with fewer opportunities (if you apply for a short-term project).


As a volunteer, you will be helping us with organizing events, visit schools, do workshops as well as create different media content (videos, pictures, promo materials). We adjust the job description to each volunteer’s preferences and competencies.

When you volunteer in our organization, you usually work 30-35h per week, 5 days a week. You also have 2 days off per month, which you can “save for later” and spend a week or two on holidays at the end of your project.


If you come for 6 months, you will be accommodated in 2 rooms flat, sharing a room with another volunteer. You will receive approximately 37 PLN per day as a food allowance and pocket money, as well as you will get a public transportation card for free. We will also reimburse your travel costs, the budget depends on the distance between your place and Rzeszow and it is usually between 180 – 360 EURO.

If you come for 6-8 weeks, you will stay in our hostel, sharing a room with one or two more volunteers. You will receive approximately 37 PLN per day as a food allowance and pocket money. We will also reimburse your travel expenses up to a certain limit.

Having doubts? Check Frequently Asked Questions. 

Here you can read more about our previous volunteering projects.


Time’s up! Team up!

The project „Time’s up! Team up!” takes place in Rzeszow, Poland in 2021. There will be 3 groups of 16 volunteers with fewer opportunities who will come for 7 weeks. The first group will come in May to start a spring edition, after that there will be a summer and autumn edition. 

Check out ESC portal to see if we currently run the selection for the next group. 

The type and timing of planned events may change due to COVID restrictions.

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Youth embracing Change 2021

The project involved two long-term volunteers as well as one group of 12 volunteers who in February 2021 come to Rzeszow for 8 weeks. Most of the activities will take place at INPRO’s headquarters. Volunteers have a chance to polish their English, learn about new cultures, and work on their own projects.

The selection for this project is closed. 

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