Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Act it out

Act it out

The main goal of the Act it Out project (19th-27th of January 2022) was to contribute to the personal development of 20 young people aged 18-25 and 5 group leaders from 5 European countries: Armenia, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Hungary. The challenge for the participants of Act it Out was creating a whole film festival which was organized at the Kino za Rogiem cinema, in the city centre of Rzeszów.

The project was initiated and coordinated by INPRO, in cooperation with the KÖZ-Pont Ifjúsági Egyesület from Hungary, the KASA Foundation from Armenia, Youthfully Yours from Slovakia and the Uzhhorod National University from Ukraine.

The group spent the first day getting to know each other and visiting the city of Rzeszów for the first time, with a quest in teams to discover the most important points in the city. On the following days, they received a basic filming training, and then tried to apply the newly learned skills by themselves.

The topics for the films to be shown at the cinema were decided after a workshop about global and local problems and human rights. Participants were divided in groups, and they got inspiration to portray a world issue through a film. This was the time to show their creativity and their acting, scriptwriting, and editing skills.

Once the films were ready, and the whole event prepared, we had an enjoyable movie night at the cinema, where the youth could share their work with the local community of Rzeszów and present and discuss their movies. There was also space for a debate. On the last day, the group summed up the youth exchange in Poland and talked about the time spent together, the relationships built and what they learned. There was also time to participate in INPRO’s weekly event Open Café.

More photos from the Act it Out youth exchange can be viewed in this photo gallery from our film festival, which took place at the Kino za Rogiem in Rzeszów.



  1. Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych INPRO (Poland)
  2. Youthfully Yours (Slovakia)
  3. KOZ-PONT (Hungary)
  4. Narodowy Uniwersytet w Użhorodzie (Ukraine)
  5. KASA Foundation (Armenia)