Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

European Solidarity Cops in INPRO



How can I know if INPRO is currently running any selection?

To learn about INPRO open calls, please visit the European Solidarity Corps website and see if we run any selection. If you do not find any offer, it means that currently we do not have any open calls. 

How do I apply?

Please register yourself on the European Solidarity Corps website and apply directly to our offer. We do not review applications received by email.

Do I need a Sending Organization to apply for the project?

You do not need a Sending Organization at the moment of application. If you are selected for the project, you can ask us for help with finding a sending organization for you, or you can choose the one you want to work with.

Do I have to pay anything for taking part in this project?

Participation in the project is free of charge.

If you come for a long-term, you will be accommodated in 3 rooms flat, sharing a room with another volunteer. You will receive approximately 37 PLN per day as a food allowance and pocket money. Your apartment is within the walking distance of the office. We will also reimburse your travel costs based on your tickets. The budget depends on the distance between your place and Rzeszow and it is usually between 180 – 360 EURO.

If you come for 7 weeks, you will stay in our hostel, sharing a room with one or two more volunteers. You will receive approximately 1500 PLN in cash in total as a food allowance and pocket money as well as a free, one-meal lunch on working days. We will also reimburse your travel expenses up to a certain limit, based on your tickets.

Can I apply anytime, no matter if there is an open selection, by sending a CV and cover letter to the INPRO email address?

You can apply only when we have an open call available on the European Solidarity Corps website. Please do not send to us your CV via email as those applications are not taken into account. 

My country is not listed in your offer and I cannot send my application. Can I apply anyway by sending a CV and cover letter via email?

You can apply only if your country is listed in our offer. Applications received by e-mail are not taken into account. If your country is listed in the offer – the sooner you apply, the better. 

In the offer, there are very specific dates of arriving and departing. Can I join the project on other dates that are listed in the announcement? 

Unfortunately, you can join the project only on the dates described in the offer. We cannot adjust the dates to your preferences. 

Can I come a few days before the project starts? Can I stay a few days after the project ends?

You will receive information about check-in and check-out dates at our hostel. However, if you want to come earlier or stay longer in Poland, you can do it but it has to be at your expense. We do not provide accommodation or any more money for the extra days. Also, please note that we accept travel tickets with the dates no earlier than 7 days before the project starts and no later than 7 days after the project ends. For example, if the project starts on the 8th of June and ends on the 30th of July, you can buy the ticket for the 1st of June the earliest and the 7th of August the latest.  

Can I come with my boyfriend/girlfriend?

Every candidate has to apply for the project individually and pass the selection process. We do not take into account personal matters or requests. In case a couple is accepted, we do not guarantee a common room. 

I was accepted for the project but was not able to join. Do I have to apply again if I want to participate in the next INPRO project? 

Yes, you will have to apply again for the next project.

Can you inform me by e-mail when the call will be open?

Unfortunately, we cannot promise to do so. We encourage you to follow the European Solidarity Corps platform when we always announce a new call.

I would like to join the project but I am a student and I have a few online classes a week. In case I come, can you adjust my working schedule to my preferences? 

Unfortunately, we cannot adjust your working schedule to your preference or availability. Please note that we do not accept taking online classes during your working hours. During the project we expect the volunteers to be at work between 10-17. Also, a few times a week there is also a mandatory evening program. Weekends are free.

I want to take part in this project, but only if INPRO approves it also an internship program that is required during my studies.  

Unfortunately, we do not accept such an arrangement. Volunteering projects and university internships cannot be combined in our organization.



I was accepted for the project. What do I have to do before departure?

There are a few steps to follow before departure. At first, you will have to accept the official offer that you will receive via the portal, then send us your data necessary for the contract as well as to get in touch with your sending organization. Don’t worry – you will receive detailed instructions in the confirmation email.

How and when do I sign the contract?

Before your departure, you will receive your contract in pdf on your email and you will be asked to confirm reading it. You do not have to sign it and send it to us scanned. Also, we will answer all of your questions, if you will have any. You will sign the contract in original after arrival, on the first day of your project. 

Does my Supporting Organization have to sign the contract as well?

There is no need for your Sending Organization to sign the contract as well. Your Sending Organization is only listed in the contract but is not the acting part. 

Will you buy a flight ticket for me? 

Unfortunately, we do not buy the travel tickets for the volunteers but we reimburse them in the last weeks of the project. In case you struggle with buying the tickets, please contact your Supporting Organization.

When will I get the pocket money and food allowance?

You will get your food and pocket money allowance in cash every month. 

What if I spend all my money before the end of the project?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any other financial assistance other than what is provided in the contract. Please manage your budget wisely in order to have enough fund for the entire project.

Do I have to collect any invoices or receipts?

There is no need for collecting any receipts or invoices other than proving how you spent money you received. 

What type of travel ticket can I buy?

We accept only the most economic itinerary with a checked-in luggage allowance of up to 23kg. Please consult the project coordinator before purchasing the ticket. 

How do you reimburse my travel costs?

You will receive your travel reimbursement in cash in PLN in the last weeks of the project in the maximum amount that is defined in the programme. In case you exceed the travel budget, you must cover the difference. 

Can I get my money in EURO instead of PLN? Can I get it in my bank account?

Unfortunately, we only reimburse travel expenses in cash in Polish Zloty. No bank transfer or EURO currency is possible. 

I started the project but I want to resign. Do I have to give my money back? Will you reimburse my travel costs?

In case of resignation due to reasons other than forced measure, we do not reimburse travel costs. Also, you will have to give back your food and pocket money allowance for the remaining period of the project. For example, if you resign on the 14th day of the project and have money for 30 days, you will have to give back money for 16 days. 

After the project, I would like to go to another country to travel. Will you pay for my ticket?

We can only reimburse the tickets that are related to the project participation such as arrival and departure to your home country. 

What documents will I receive that confirm my participation in the project?

You will receive a Youthpass certificate as well as a Certificate of Participation in the European Solidarity Corps project after you fill the mandatory survey. Both will be provided to you in electronic form within 2 weeks after the mobility. 



Do I have to work on weekends?

Weekends are free. 

How many hours per day do I have to work?

Every volunteer works approximately 35 hours a week, from Monday to Friday. Working hours may vary depending on the day, but most often it is between 10 – 17.

Will I have a separate working space to be able to focus on my tasks?

There is a training room and two smaller offices our volunteers can use and focus on to work on tasks.

Can I work from anywhere during my working time? Can I do my tasks from my room or a cafe in the city?

Unfortunately, we can’t allow it. There is enough space in our training room and offices. The only exception is if you have a specific task to prepare video recordings or take photographs outside. In this case, you have to discuss it with the coordinator.

Can I work independently? Do I have to get involved in group tasks?

You can’t work independently in general. The only exception is your individual project. Most of the activities are group activities. 

I was asked to do a task that I do not like. Can I do something else instead?

If you find the task uncomfortable and you don’t want to do it, then you can offer what you could do instead and discuss it with the coordinator.

During the working hours, there are many workshops. Do I have to participate?

Yes. As it states in the contract you are obliged to take part in all the workshops and activities that are on the schedule.

I have many ideas to realize during the project. Will I have an opportunity to do it?

Yes. You can discuss it with the coordinator.

What are the main areas I will be working with?

During the project also you will organise cultural exchange events and language cafes. Also, you will be involved in charity work as well. Our activities are also based on creating high-quality social media content like video, photography, writing articles, recording podcasts.   

Can you adjust my working hours to my preference?

Unfortunately, we cannot. We expect the volunteers to adjust to our working schedule. 

Do I need to bring my laptop or tablet?

It is highly recommended to bring your laptop, however, if it is not possible, we will do our best to provide you with a working computer. 


How many people will I share a room with?

You will share your room with one or two more people of the same gender. 

What are the rules in the hostel or in my flat?

To learn more about the rules of the hostel, please read the terms and conditions of the hostel. If you are accommodated in the flat, you are obliged to clean it regularly together with other flatmates and maintain it well. 

Do I have to cook my meals?

Yes, you do, if you are a long-term volunteer. In the case of a short-term program, a lunch that we organize during working days. Please note that the kitchen at the hostel is small and we expect the volunteers to be open for compromises and flexibility when organizing their cooking, eating and cleaning time. 

The lunch break takes only one hour with so many volunteers involved, I do not have enough time to cook my meal. 

You do not have to cook your lunch during working days, it is provided by us and ordered at a nearby bar. Besides that, we encourage you to plan your meals well and to prepare them in advance. There are also plenty of options to order your meals in the city, a menu of the day or a cheap meal varies between 7 – 25 PLN. 

Do I need to bring my towel and sheets?

If you are accommodated in the hostel, you do not need to bring your towels and sheets. They are provided. If you are accommodated in the flat, we provide bedsheets, however, you should bring (or buy) your own towels (and a new bedsheets, if you’d like). 

Is there a washing machine in my accommodation place?

Yes, there is a washing machine in the hostel or the flat at your disposal. Please note that there is no drying machine and you must hang your laundry on a hanger in your room or in the showers area.

Is there a vacuum cleaner?

Yes, there is a vacuum cleaner in the hostel as well as in the flat. 

Is there a cleaning service provided? Do I have to clean our working and living space?

Yes, usually there is a basic cleaning service provided in the hostel. However, you are responsible for keeping your room as well as common areas clean. Once a week there is general cleaning of the working and living areas and you are obligated to take part in this activity. In the flat, you are obliged to organize your own cleaning. In case the flat is not maintained clean, please note that we order a professional cleaning service and we charge you and other flatmates for it. 

Is there any common area in the hostel I can use anytime?

There is no common area in the hostel. Every guest has at disposal a shared room, a common kitchen and showers with toilets. Sometimes,  we allow our training room to be used as an evening activity room. In the flat, there is an attic which can be used as a social space. 



Can I travel around during the project?

You can travel around during the project, as long as you do that out of your working hours. We encourage you to travel as much as possible to enrich your experience. 

How many days of holiday do I have?

You have 2 days of holiday per month which usually are summarized and executed at the end of mobility. You will be informed about your holidays period by the coordinator.

Can I use my holiday days anytime?

The holiday days during the mobility are established by the hosting organization. Usually, these are the last few working days before the end of the project. 

Do you organize any trips during the project? Do I have to pay for them?

We do not organize any trips during the project, however, we do present local trips options that we recommend you consider in your free time. We do not cover any costs of such trips.

Do you organize any extra activities during my free time?

Sometimes, the volunteers or the mentors offer optional evening activities. Please note that the free time of the volunteers is fully up to the participants and their ideas. We are open to giving information about the entertainment infrastructure available in the city. 

What can I do in my free time?

The city of Rzeszow offers many options.  It depends on how you like to spend your free time. You can read, take walks, make trips to nearby destinations, rent a bike, go to the cinema, gym, swimming pool. Between May – October there are usually many festivals or open-air concerts. During your project, we strongly recommend staying active during your free time and use the time fruitfully and it enriches your experience. 



Do I need to follow any sanitary restrictions?

Yes, in order to keep yourself and others safe you must:

  • come vaccinated
  • wear a mask in the office area as well as in the common areas in the hostel
  • keep a 2m distance from others the working and living space
  • use disinfectants regularly

Do you pay for my covid tests?

Please note that we do not have funds to cover any other expenses provided in the volunteering contract up to a certain limit. However, in your travel budget, you can include the cost of the test and other expenses. 

I had a flight ticket but I was tested positive before arrival / before departure from the project. Will you give me my money back and pay for my quarantine?

Unfortunately, we provide financial support only based on rules and for the period described in the contract. We cannot cover the costs of unexpected expenses as well as a travel ticket for missed flights. Please manage your financial situation accordingly to make savings you can use in case of emergencies such as a need for quarantine or missed flight.