Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Local memory on the border of Carpathian worlds

Local memory on the border of Carpathian worlds

Local memory on the border of Carpathian worlds is a youth exchange in a form of workshops of oral history, that took place between 6-17 September 2019 in a Ukrainian city of Uzhok.

Polish students from the Institute of History and the Institute of Archeology of the University of Rzeszów, as well as the Ukrainian students from the Faculty of History and International Relations of the Uzhhorod National University, took part in the youth exchange.

This was an extraordinary opportunity to get to know Zakarpattia and the micro-history of its inhabitants using the oral history method. Participants could learn not only the workshop of a documentary photographer but also local traditions and the beautiful city of Uzhgorod.

The idea of uniting Europe, unfortunately, still does not cover all European countries. Thus, certain spaces and areas located outside the European Union are slightly exotic for its young citizens, and therefore also slightly less available. What is more, young people from the other side of the border living outside the European Union, due to visa regimes, economic and social differences, unfortunately, have difficult contact with their peers from EU countries. Social studies and humanities show that only through interpersonal contacts and direct interactions individuals are able to overcome mutual prejudices and stereotypes.

The goal of the project is, inter alia, personal development of young people, development of intercultural competences, overcoming language barriers and acquiring the skills of intercultural cooperation. The participants of the youth exchange could also learn the principles of working in a team and acquire the skills necessary for public speaking.

Working with new technologies developed the creativity of the participants. It was extremely important to get acquainted with the culture, tradition, and history of south-eastern Poland and Transcarpathian Ukraine. This helped not only overcome mutual prejudices but also promote international cooperation within the Erasmus Plus program.

This is the first of its kind to engage students of cultural studies, history and museum studies in joint research in Ukraine. Project originators also believe that the action they planned will create a chance to really build Polish-Ukrainian dialogue and weaken mutual prejudices.


The project is coordinated by our association in cooperation with the University of Rzeszów and the Uzhhorod National University.


Photos from the youth exchange are available here.

Video material (in Ukrainian) is available here:




Rzeszów News portal also wrote about our project (in Polish).