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Education For Youth Participation

2016: International Projects’ Association INPRO ran its first EVS project “Education for youth Participation”.

The main objective of the project was to implement educational initiatives for youth who need to improve their skills in order to become valuable members of the community they are living in. Volunteers participated in various events and activities, but they also had time and space to realize their own ideas and initiatives together with local youngsters. This interaction offered a good occasion for cultural diversity activities with a significant role in anti-discrimination education and more cultural understanding and tolerance. The volunteers had a special role in attracting and involving youth in different activities and events held at the Rzeszów Cultural Incubator, where INPRO has its office and working spaces, while also stimulating their wish to become volunteers and to experience other cultures, habits and life.

Since June 2016, we have hosted two EVS volunteers.

Welcome Elsa & Lily

Aurélie Saint-prix is from the French island of Guadeloupe. She is 26 and previously worked for a recruitment company in Paris. INPRO’s projects attracted her from the very beginning, as she is very interested in meeting different people and learning about different cultures. After her EVS experience in INPRO, she went back to Guadeloupe and is now running her own NGO “Organization for Empowerment and Non-Formal Education”

Elsa Daniels grew up in Honduras. She is also 26, and had been living and studying in Taiwan for the past 8 years. She is particularly interested in INPRO’s mission for community development and non-formal education. After her EVS experience in INPRO, she decided to stay and keep working for INPRO, helping to expand its international network and collaborating with the  new EVS volunteers for local projects.

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