"Business for All" training for youth workers at INPRO
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Business For All

International Projects’ Association INPRO is the organizing and coordinating association for the project “Business for all”. The project aimed to develop and instilled entrepreneurship skills in young people from rural and remote areas who lack opportunities due to the geographical position of their communities.

The project foresaw a training course for 24 Youth Workers from 8 different countries: Portugal, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary and Latvia.

The project lasted for 7-days from the 27th of August to the 2nd of September 2017 and it took place in the city of Rzeszów, Poland.

The activities were organized and coordinated by youth workers currently involved in formal or non-formal education process. They taught the participants how to improve entrepreneurial knowledge, identify factors and resources which are useful in undertaking initiative and entrepreneurial activities.

The need for this project stems from the fact that remote and hard-to-access regions and rural areas are usually underrepresented in the public dialogue when it comes to employment opportunities for young people.

Through this project young people learnt about and explored new tools for developing entrepreneurial competences, they had an opportunity to build international and cross-sectoral partnerships as well as having an opportunity to reflect on potential resources for future cooperation among themselves.  Moreover, they became aware of their role in stimulating private business initiatives and of how areas can develop when new businesses are started. Visiting local enterprises provided a practical example on kinds of initiatives which can be taken and be successful.

This project was a chance to bring awareness about the importance of YW work in shaping youth character and in giving them courage to try to implement their ideas in the places they are born or settled, before taking the decision to leave them.

You can find more pictures from the project here.

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