Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Youth – that’s where it all begins

Youth – that’s where it all begins

Written by Aleksandra Szurlej

Portugal, Italy, Hungary, or maybe Bulgaria? Although it sounds impossible, as participants of the project called You(th) in Pictures organized by INPRO, we were able to know the cultures of those countries in just 7 days!

Being the host country in the exchange, I experienced what international cooperation is and on what it is based on. We were united in one goal, a result of which was the exhibition of our photos at the Rzeszów Art Exhibition Office.

Because of the project, I have realized that there are no boundaries between young, open-minded people. Working in a team in order to prepare public exhibition as professional as we could, turned out to be a strong unifying factor. During that time the atmosphere was really pleasant, there was mutual respect for each others’ ideas, commitment, and points of view. Instead of rivalry, we learned how to behave like one team with a common goal. Everything was happening under the watchful, trained eye of photography experts.

Though it is hard to believe, one disadvantage of participating in the project exists.  It is the limited time, which flies extremely fast and an emptiness persists after the end of the week. Places visited together will always be reminders of memories and new relationships. Friendships have to stand the test of separation, but luckily we can stay in touch!