Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”



The project responds to the need for dialogue on topics relevant to today’s youth. Project participants are people sensitive to social issues, who want to talk about the problems young people face every day, making external recipients aware of what it means to be a young person today.

Participants want to use photography as a tool for “translating reality” because they believe that it allows you to express yourself regardless of your photographic skills. In addition, young people need to spend time together, build relationships, gain new experiences, take on the extraordinary challenge of not only talking about difficult topics, but also taking photos and displaying them in an event.

A preparatory visit and youth exchange are planned under the project.  20 young people aged 18-30 and 6 leaders will participate in the project. The project involves 5 partners, and participants are young people involved in the activities of these organizations at local level. They are young people who are interested in socio-cultural issues, who are sensitive to the problems of modern youth and who share a common passion – photography.


Our partners:

1. Stowarzyszenie Projektów Miedzynarodowych „INPRO” – Poland
2. Associação Nó Górdio – Portugal
3. KÖZ-Pont Ifjúsági Egyesület – Hungary
4. Youthfully Yours SK – Slovakia
5.  Dům dětí a mládeže Horažďovice – Czech Republic

The project was co-financed under the Erasmus+ program