Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Youth embracing change 2021

Youth embracing change 2021

Youth embracing change project number 2019-3-PL01-ESC11-077700 was  project which we realized in 2021. Thanks to the project, our organization hosted 2 volunteers for a long-term mobilities. The volunteers visitted schools, organized their events, recorded videos from their stay in Rzeszów, and realized their own projects, such as language cafes.

The goal of the project wass to develop interpersonal and intercultural competencies among young people as well as among organizers of activities – volunteers themselves.

Our long-term volunteers who worked with us from September 2020 till August 2021. 

Aykhan is from Azerbaijan. 4 years ago he started to study in Hungary and It helped him to discover his life passion which is to create such life-changing opportunities for particularly youngsters with less access to the existing opportunities. For this purpose, he volunteered in a local NGO in Budapest. His master’s education added skills such as presentation, team-work, sometimes leadership, and management. He applied these to create a better intercultural society in Hungary and also worked hard to involve his home country Azerbaijan during this period. He thinks he still needs to improve his interpersonal skills. He strongly believes that with the “Youth Embracing Change” project he will take further steps on his goals.




My name is Maxime. I am from a beautiful region in France called Normandy. It is well known for the D-day battles during the II World war. I studied applied foreign languages at the university in France. I am really curious about a large variety of topics. From geopolitics to information technologies by way of literature. Moreover, I am really into languages, English, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew, and so on. I want to understand better the world. I am a trumpet player, not the best one but I keep rehearsing to improve my skills. I am fond of jazz, especially music by Chet Backer. I take part in the project ‘Youth embracing change’ in Impro because I want to improve my skills and share with people from different cultures.


This project wass also short-term from February, 27th to April, 21st. Our organization hosted 12 volunteers from a lot of different countries. The volunteers organized their events, recorded videos from their stay in Rzeszów, and realize their own projects.

Like long-term volunteers, the goal of their project wass to develop interpersonal and intercultural competencies among young people as well as among organizers of activities – volunteers themselves.

Hello, my name is Fernanda. I am 18 and I live in Seville, in the south of Spain, where I am studying my first course of Biotechnology. In the future, I would like to do something regarding genetics or immunology. I have 4 brothers and sisters, one of them is my twin sister. I love all of them very much and we get along pretty well. I like surfing, painting and spending time with friends. I like being in nature, and also traveling to big cities. My favorite places I have been are: Chicago, Mexico, and Morocco. I like learning new languages, and right now I am learning how to speak French, and I can already speak Spanish and English very well. In the future, I would like to be able to speak five languages fluently. I also enjoy reading in my free time when I am not studying. I think reading is a very important part of learning a language, so I try to read books in different languages. I am grateful for this opportunity because I can travel and meet a new country, Poland, and all of its culture. I hope that in this project I will grow and learn more and more every day.


Hello, my name is Julia and I am 18 years old. I am from Seville, in the south of Spain. Currently, I study my first year of biotechnology at the University Pablo de Olavide in Seville. I have 3 brothers and sisters and 3 dogs. I love traveling, exploring new things, and learning about different cultures and languages. Also, I like going out with friends and just having a chat with them is revitalizing for me, even a walk or going to a restaurant or a disco. I also like reading and watching series or films and playing padel. But above all, I like nature, animals and feeling free. In my future, I want to work in a pharmaceutic business or in investigation trying to create cures or vaccines and learning more about the human body and its needs, although I know it is not easy because investigation requires a lot of investment we do not have in my home country, Spain, so I am aware I would have to go abroad. Right now I can speak fluently English and Spanish and I can defend myself in French.  I am a very independent person but I like to spend time with the people I love.  I am grateful for this experience because it enables me to see more countries and learn from very different countries. Also, it enables me to make friends and help in what is necessary and what is more important, to grow as a person and be better than before.


Hi, I am Pedro, I am 18 years old and I am from Seville, a city in the South of Spain. I am a very ambitious person, who loves improving himself and finding new hobbies and things to do. Since I was small I always wanted to travel a lot, make several things in my life, live in many places, so after the covid staff, where all my classes are carried via online, I decided to look for new adventures where I could keep up with my studies and also meet new people and cultures. I realized that the easiest way to gain my objectives was going to another country of the European Union, that’s the reason why I ended up in Rzeszow, thanks to the European Solidarity Corps. I am studying biotechnology, and in the future, I would like to work in another country to get new skills. Moreover. I love sport and I am second in Spain in Kayak, k4 500 meters distance. I love developing new skills and that’s the reason why I am in Rzeszow.



I’m Youssef, I am from Italy and I have Moroccan origins, so I grew up with both Italian and Arab traditions.. and, yeah, I love pasta and pizza. I have studied in a high school with a concentration on scientific subjects and sports and I will, hopefully, start university next year. Annoying stuff apart, I am a sportive person, indeed I spend most of my free time enjoying sports, above all volleyball, football, and basketball. I also am really into movies, so I usually am at cinemas. I took part in the INPRO project because I wanted to meet and discover new cultures and people, learning from them, and improving myself!





Maricica here, a person who is still looking for herself. A human who never stops being optimistic, a human who wants to enjoy everything in her life and to be fulfilled. I am always glad of the gratitude I receive and it motivates me to help and to share positive vibes to infinity. I got life 24 years ago and since then, I am exploring and I let the Universe impress me. I am studying economics, a real science, but I am thinking about the happiness of the community, before the own profit. I am coming from the Republic of Moldova, a country that made me realize that not everything is coming as granted. It made me aware of the difficulties a nation can fight with. I am always happy to be different and I try not to pay attention to what’s called “social thinking”. I really enjoy seeing people with their own styles of being and I am supporting the green lifestyle!

Stay green, stay happy, stay united!”



Usually, I eat an apple every day. Did you know that there are 7,500 varieties of apples in existence throughout the world? And there are even more varieties of people! One of them is me: Pia, a 22-year-old Math graduate from Germany. I am a person with an open mind who is giving attention to details in daily life. A great passion of mine is cooking. I like being creative and the feeling of creating something new out of simple ingredients. A picnic at the beach with a stunning sunset always catches me. Besides all the food, dancing and traveling are my favorite things to do! My semester abroad in the United States already showed me what an inspiring and empowering experience it is to get to know new people from all over the world. My aim in life is to grow and to share my growth with others. Among other things, those are some of the reasons why I participate in this project.



]Hello everybody, my name is Sheyla. I am from Peru but when I was five years old, I had the opportunity of moving to Rome, Italy where I’m currently studying International Cooperation and Development. I can’t spend a day without listening to music all day long, and sometimes I think I will go deaf. I also enjoy traveling whenever I can. My top three places to visit are Japan, New Zealand, and Scotland and I really hope I will get a chance to visit them soon. Lastly, I’ve always been interested in intercultural projects because I strongly believe it’s really important to have a wider view of seeing things in life.





I’m Noelia from Barcelona (Spain). I’m 25 and since I finished my university studies in education I decided to travel the world, making a new experience and getting to know different cultures. One of my hobbies is practicing yoga and meditation, and I’m also a nature and art lover, as well as spending time with my loved ones!  For me, it is important to understand other cultures and their views. This is the reason why I like volunteering. It offers you a lot of opportunities to grow up in multiple ways. I consider myself an active, cheerful and positive person, although this can change if I haven’t eaten properly or rested well! Sometimes stress takes control of me, so be careful not to be around me then!





My name is Sergiu. I am from Suceava, Romania. I finished my high school studies last year in the USA as a FLEX scholar. I chose to volunteer as I consider it momentous not only for my personal development but also for challenging and positive effects on the community. I am interested in languages, arts, nature, and politics. I aspire to become an earth citizen and work towards a sustainable planet through my activity.







My name is Yasmin and I am a Persian girl who’s been living abroad since 2008 in different countries. I must admit that I love to travel more and explore new adventures, activities in different cities, cultures to learn more about them and the historical monuments. I am a nature lover and I believe walking into the woods, yoga, and meditation are the different types of food our soul needs to help with functioning more align with the universe just the same way body requires to fuel up to boost energy for different activities. Therefore, this volunteering position is a great opportunity for me to fulfill my needs to help humanity by preparing and providing food for the homeless, show my love to animals by visiting the shelters and connect with other volunteers from all around the globe and explore different cultures and learn from them.



I’m José, I’m 27 years old and I come from Asturias (Spain). I love visiting different countries, living new experiences, and working in an international environment. Other of my hobbies also include reading, learning new languages, and practicing sport. I graduated from biology but now I am in a “gap year” to spend some time exploring new places around the world. My goal is to help in some way to make the world a more sustainable place. I decided to join the project as an opportunity to know a new country, learning a new language, and improve my interpersonal and communication skills.





My name is Agshin and I am from Azerbaijan. Nowadays I am studying at Sapienza University and my field of study is Economics and Communication for Management and Innovation. I just finished my Erasmus in Austria in the BA field. Apart from that, I like to learn new languages, getting know new people, and exploring new places. I really enjoy Erasmus and its opportunities as it really gives to youths very good knowledge and experience. That is why I really like to be involved in ESC, Youth Exchanges, and Training course. I did my Erasmus projects in different places such as Ukraine, Bulgaria, Netherlands, France, Georgia, and Austria.