Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Youth and the City

Youth and the City

The project “Youth and The City” took place in Rzeszów, Poland. The goal of the project wass to develop interpersonal and intercultural competences among young people as well as among organizers of activities – volunteers themselves. The volunteers were organizing their own personal projects, which aimed to educate young people about topics such as human rights, grassroots movements and controversial issues. The volunteers also visitted schools and promoted the Erasmus+ program, told stories about their countries or delivered workshops about culture, human rights, youth opportunities and volunteering.

From August 2018 to August 2019, we have been hosting the following EVS volunteers:

Ismael Garcia is 24 years old and comes from Avilés, Spain. He studied primary school teaching. He loves social activities, watching movies
and meeting people from different countries. He decided to go on EVS to be able to realize some educational and intercultural projects.

Sofie Nielsen is 18 years old and comes from Ølstykke in Denmark, and she just finished high school. She likes to see ideas turn into reality, and enjoys being part of this process. She also likes to meet new people and travel. Sofie applied to go on EVS because she wants to learn more about INPRO and its work, and also for the chance to live abroad.

Bernát Szloboda is 21 years old and comes from Pécs in Hungary, where he studies communication and media technology. He sees the opportunities in everything, likes the randomness of things and creating videos with his friends. Bernát applied to the EVS for the foreign experience and for the challenge to do well on projects at INPRO.


Denise Goebel is 17 years old and comes from Brühl in Germany and she has just finished high school. She likes spreading new ideas to children or the youth and work with them. She also likes exploring the world and meeting new cultures. Denise applied to go on EVS because she wants to be part of INPRO and learn more about it and it permits to have new experiences abroad.




Elisa Gomez is 22 years old and comes from France. She just graduated from University in International Relations. After finishing her studies, she didn’t feel ready to start working yet, so thought an EVS experience seemed really exiting! It is a once in a lifetime adventure that we can do when we are young. “I see it as a way to get to know a new country and its culture, to meet new people and promote values I believe in. As I had never been to Poland before, I wanted to discover this country not just for tourism but also for their daily lifestyle. I had volunteered in a student association before and working with young people is something I really enjoy. I think it is important to keep in touch with the youngsters as they are the future of a country, foreshadowing the coming trends of a society. Sometimes the access to information and knowledge isn’t equal for everyone, depending on the living environment, which is why I think it is crucial to make some actions in schools, to level this inequality and give everyone a chance! The non-formal way of teaching is also pleasant, a way to learn and have fun at the same time without the academic pressure. I am eager to do the first school visits and meet young polish people wishing to get to know about international matters, cultural differences and the opportunities they have within the European Union!”

From February till August 2019, we welcomed: 


Skevi Laou is 28 years old and comes from Limassol in Cyprus. She studied Fine Arts with Master in Photography. She is a freelancer photographer that likes to travel and capture street life moments that shows people’s culture on their own environment. She wanted to do volunteering at Poland because she is open to new opportunities, meeting new people and improve her skills on photography, videography and teaching with new methods.

Damien Aymerich is 23 years old and he comes from Narbonne in France. After worked in a communication agency for more than 2 years, he decided to live an experience abroad. For him, being an EVS volunteer is an opportunity to meet people, to improve his English level and to know himself better. With INPRO, he is lucky enough to work on projects with autonomy and where he can experiment new things.

Bárbara Díez is 23 years old and she come from Alicante in Spain. She studied journalism at the university and she has a Master in Documentary and Television. She used to work in a news program as a reporter, but she decided to try something new and get to know different people. During her volunteering project, she wants to improve her English but also do a documentary about young people in Poland in order to know their culture better.

Luca Parise is 25 years old and comes from Vicenza, Italy. He has a bachelor’s degree in energy engineering. In the future he wants to continue his studies in Ireland and get a master’s degree in food engineering. Luca decided to volunteer in Inpro to meet people with opposite or different backgrounds than him in order to improve himself and become more open minded.

We also hosted two more voluntees for the summer of 2019: 

Eloïse Busson  is an INPRO short term volunteer from France. She is 22 years old. In France, she studies the social aspect of Linguistics. She is really interested in meeting new people, getting to know new cultures, languages and so on. She is volunteering in order to challenge herself to get out of her comfort zone and to improve her skills. She also wants to find out more about herself by getting to know the people she meets in her new routine.




Simone Bateson is an English teacher in The University of Murcia in Spain. Simone studied a degree in Modern Languages and Linguistics. She really enjoys working with new people and contributing to ways to make Europe a diversity friendly place in which everybody feels accepted and welcome. She enjoys studying the verbal and non-verbal communication of different cultures. In the future she strives to carry on studying the languages and customs of other places.