Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Youth and the City – summer 2020

Youth and the City – summer 2020

During the summer of 2020, we will host our first volunteering teams projectYouth and the City – summer 2020, number 2019-2-PL01-ESC11-066007.

The project will be implemented in Rzeszów and it will involve 16 young people of different cultures, backgrounds, who are motivated to work together for 2 months.

The volunteers will join forces and be engaged in realizing their own project together. It will be a chance to develop new skills, learn how to work in an international team, and improve their English.


The goal of the project is to develop interpersonal and intercultural connections among young people as well as among organizers of activities – volunteers themselves and to promote youth opportunities such as the Europan Solidarity Corps. 



Volunteers who joined us from July 2020 

Aykhan Samadov is from Azerbaijan. 4 years ago he started to study in Hungary and  It helped him to discover his life passion which is to create such life changing opportunities for particularly youngsters with fewer access to the existing opportunities. For this purpose he volunteered in a local NGO in Budapest. His master education added skills such as presentation, team-work, sometimes leadership and management. He applied these to create a better intercultural society in Hungary and also worked hard to involve his home country Azerbaijan during this period. He thinks he still needs to improve his interpersonal skills. He strongly believe that with “Youth and the City 2020” project he will take further steps on his goals.






Alexandra Dimcheva 20, comes from Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria and one of her passions is traveling. She loves visiting new places, exchanging ideas with people she meets for the first time, and working in a culturally diverse team. For her, this is the most efficient way of gaining new knowledge and developing skills. Being halfway her bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration and Mass Communication, Alex decided that now it is the perfect time for her to spend some time in a new country, to challenge herself with starting off a new language and to “practice” being more independent.







Ivan Kysloshchuk is 19 years old and he is from beautiful Ukrainian city Vinnytsia. However, currently he is studying Media Production in Maria Curie Sklodovska University in Lublin. He got an opportunity to study there with a scholarship since he won the competition “Talents at UMCS”.  He participates as a volunteer in many cultural projects. For example, he has been taking part in organization of the festival “Ukraine in the center of Lublin”  for 2 years. Apart from this, he cooperates with many local media. Among them are: “Nasze słowo”, “Kultura Enter”, “TV UMCS” etc. In his free time, he likes  to travel and read books. He thinks that this project is a good chance for him to improve his professional skills and to meet new people.






Agata Dudziak is 20 years old and lives in Poland. She’s studying psychology. Her interests include reading, learning new things and karaoke. She joined the project to meet new people and gain some experience.









Kinga Walendziak is 20 years old and lives in Poland. She decided to take take part in this project to deepen her knowledge and gain experience. Volunteering also allows her to meet new people and get to know their ideas and opinions. Kinga plans to leave this world better than she found it. She believes in the unbelievable, loves karaoke, musical theater and (cheesy) horror movies.








Dominika Szczepanik is 18 and she lives in Poland. She recently graduated from high school and decided to take part in this project to broaden her perspective and find out what she really wants in future before starting a university. She started to grow interest in volunteering after international volunteers started to visit her school on a regular basis and she decided to try to make a difference just like them. She also has an artistic soul and she is a make-up artist.








Sandra comes from Spain. She loves challenging herself and living enriching experiences. She is a pedagogue and a teacher and enjoys philosophy. She sees her mission as a professional in providing education that responds to the needs of the community. She came to INPRO because she believes that the mission and values of the organization fit with hers, and she is willing to learn from working with an international team.








Marta comes from Catalonia. She is a political journalist very keen on learning about different cultures and points of view. As a passionate journalist she believes it is essential to tell what is happening. She would like to specialize in Latin American politics because of its heterogeneous society. She considers her time at INPRO as a great opportunity to learn how to work as a team, live in another country and be able to acquire some knowledge of Polish culture and society.








Muhammad Bilal comes Pakistan, but is pursuing his Bachelor’s in International Relations at ELTE university in Budapest, Hungary. For him, a good change for society can only be achieved through awareness and improvements in the education system. He dreams of working in the politics or diplomacy field.

Muhammad thinks that INPRO also has the goal of bringing a positive change in the society, so he embraced the opportunity to work with a group of enthusiastic fellow volunteers. He hopes that this project will contribute a lot to his personal development and growth.







Magdalena comes from Trzciana, a small village in Poland. She studied logistics in Rzeszów and graduated recently, achieving the title of an engineer. She is really passionate about improving her critical thinking and creating logical arguments skills. She believes that getting herself familiar with many differing points of view is an important part of self-development. She hopes to improve on her English skills by speaking with people from other countries and maybe even make some friends. She usually spends her free time with friends and family. She also likes to play video games and reading books.







Sara has a degree in Sociology and Master’s degree in Gender and Equality Policies and comes from Spain. She wants to improve society, and she does not understand her life and work if it is not for social purposes, in search of equity, especially gender, as well as the LGBTTTIQA+ community and migrants. She is passionate about human rights and feels every inequality with great indignation. She came to INPRO to meet people from other countries, and to listen to different opinions. INPRO allows her to get acquainted with social realities. She wants to learn and work to achieve a fairer society.







Hanna is 18 and comes from Lviv, Ukraine. She studies management and tourism business in Rzeszów and speaks 4 languages. She won a university contest in statistics last year. She enjoys multitasking and she can perform many tasks at the same time. In her free time she likes to cook, listening to music, reading books and reading news about countries all around the world. She came to this project because it is a good opportunity to meet new people and to improve her soft skills.








Fahad Ali is 19 years old and studies international relations in Hungary. After living in Budapest for one year he experienced a lot of new things like meeting with international students and getting to know people from Hungary. His regular activities include reading, writing, jogging and photography. This volunteering program in Rzeszów provides him a great deal of learning cultural and educational skills. He came to know that how non-formal education helps to teach new ideas. In the future he wants to serve in United Nations or any International non-governmental organization.







Kumar Dharmindar comes from Umerkot, a rural area of Pakistan. He is studying a Bachelor’s with major “Health Care and Disease Prevention” in Hungary. He is part of the student ambassador program in University of Debrecen. He is also part of the Malhi Social Development Organization, which works for youth empowerment and environment protection campaigns. He joined the project “Youth and City 2020” because he considers it a great opportunity to improve communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills. It will help him in increasing networking, meeting people from different backgrounds, beliefs and attitudes, and that is also important for a healthcare worker.






Ewelina is 24 and has lived in Krakow for 5 years. She is studying social rehabilitation, and she has done internships in prison. She has also worked as a street worker. In her free time she is into low-budget travelling. She decided to take part in this project because she wants to improve her soft skills. As she wants to work with young people in correctionals or educational centers, she thinks that project-organizing will be a useful skill for her future.