Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Youth and the City (short-term)

Youth and the City (short-term)

Youth and the City is a volunteering project number 2018-1-PL01-ESC11-061325 which includes short-term mobilities and it is implemented in Rzeszów. Within this project we host groups of volunteers with fewer opportunities for 6-8 weeks. The aim of the project is to develop interpersonal and intercultural competences and promote youth opportunities such as the European Solidarity Corps.

Volunteers are organizing their own projects and activities related to their hobbies, developing their skills and polishing their English language skills. They visit local schools to talk about their countries, they take part in our events (Open Cafe) and propose their own ideas. The project involves 17 volunteers in total, who join us in 3 rounds of 8 weeks. 



Volunteers of the first round (November till December 2019) 

Alba Salvador Ruiz is 18 and comes from Spain, where she recently finished high school. Before starting her studies, she decided to take a gap year to gain international experience. Her passion is basketball, which she has been playing since 2007.

Being artistically gifted, she likes to draw and design. While volunteering at INPRO, she writes articles, draws, visits schools, records films from her stay in Rzeszów, and participates in local projects and events together with other volunteers.




Alžbeta Pavčová is 25 and comes from Slovakia. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Banska Bystrica. She is a conceptual artist and an extremely creative person. Her passion is painting, drawing, creating installations, she is also interested in photography. Sometimes she creates her work using graphic programs. Alžbeta decided to volunteer to improve her English, meet new people and get to know new cultures. At INPRO, she writes articles, visits schools, records films from her stay in Rzeszów and participates in local projects and events together with other volunteers.




Sonia Merlo is 23 and comes from Italy. She studied languages and cultures for tourism and international trade.

Sonia likes to travel, learn new languages, learn about new cultures, watch movies, read books and do everything that develops her as a human. Her passion is also writing, decorating, taking pictures and cooking. At INPRO, she writes articles, visits schools, records films from her stay in Rzeszów and participates in local projects and events together with other volunteers.




Kristína Latáková is 26 and comes from Slovakia. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Banska Bystrica. She is a sculptor who uses various materials, e.g. ceramics, metal, wood. He is also interested in photography. He creates graphics using graphic programs. Kristína decided to volunteer to improve her English, meet new people and new cultures. At INPRO, she writes articles, visits schools, records films from her stay in Rzeszów and participates in local projects and events together with other volunteers.




Volunteers who came in the second round (January – March 2020) 

Noosh Petrosyan comes from Gyumri in Armenia. Art, movies, books, dolma with grape leaves and bubble bath – here is a list of things without which she cannot imagine life. She was 16 years old when she sold her illustrations to French directors for the first time.  During education she exhibited her works from photography together with other groups as well as during individual exhibitions. Her works have been exhibited in countries such as Armenia, Russia, Austria, Tehran and New York. She didn’t finish education yet when she started working as a graphic artist and illustrator. After graduation, she moved from her hometown to Yerevan and has since been open to new experiences.




Jeanne Léonce is 22 years old and live in Maubec in France. She is passionate about music and animals, this is why she has been doing all her study’s in animals. She is a Vet Assistant and has others degress in animals. Her hobbies is to play guitar and drums, but also do Crossfit and horse ridding. She loves to travel and discover countries, peoples and cultures. This is why she decided to take part in this ESC to have the opportunity to have a new experience abroad, and learn more about Poland.




Itziar Acedo is 22 years old and comes from Logroño in Spain. She loves writting and knowing new things. This is the reason why she is a Jurnalist. Also, she loves photography and everything wich is creative. She decided take part in ESC because she wants to meet new people, know a new cultures and live a new experiences.






Katharina Guillon is 25 years old and comes from Nantes in France. She loves nature and animals, that’s why she has a Biology License. But her first passion is art. She loves drawing, painting and photography. She already did a lot of exchanges, in school, with workaway, with Erasmus and all this experiences were very rewarding. That’s why she decided take part in ESC, have a new experience abroad, getting to know a new country and meeting new people.





Bojan Babic. Born and raised in Trebinje, Bosnia & Herzegovina. He is 23 year old graduate student close to getting a degree in Traffic & Transportation Engineering.  Since highschool he has been volunteering and has been involved in different types of youth work and non-formal education which has been out of great value to him in terms of skills, interests and motivation. Doing a project “Youth and the city” is the his first ESC Project and the first time volunteering away from Balkans. The project like this has many upsides such as meeting wonderful individuals from all over Europe, and bringing much needed experience which he plans to use wisely in his local community in the future.





Rui Fernandes is 26 years old and comes from a small town in the north of Portugal, called Chaves. He loves cultures and languages, which have been his fields of study at University. He has a bachelor’s degree in Translation and a master’s degree in Languages and Business Relations. He also loves music, nature, animals, travelling, sports and motorcycles. He participated in some youth exchanges and training courses abroad and even co-organized a few in his birth town. He decided to take part in ESC because he wants to continue his development, whilst having the opportunity to have a positive impact on the local community.



Volunteers of the third round (October till mid November 2020) 


Andrea is 20 and comes from Italy. He likes languages, English in particular, that’s one of the reasons why he decided to spend two months abroad, to improve his English. Andrea likes to meet new people, listen to music and takes naps whenever possible. At INPRO, he produces multimedia content, writes articles and organises and takes part in various events with the other volunteers.





Yuki comes from Japan. She is keen on learning about different cultures and perspectives. She studied the urban planning and community design in the university in Japan, and after that she was working for six years in Japan. She come INPRO because she believes that the opportunity of intercultural non formal education helps young people to discover a new way of thinking and it make change in their view of human right.





Muhammad Ans Farouq. I am 23 years old from Pakistan. I am studying bachelor in electrical engineering at university of Debrecen in Hungary. I like to read, to watch documentaries, to know something knew, to travel, to explore different parts of the world, to know interesting things about the people and their cultures. Furthermore, I love to cook, and always try to make something new. I have interest to learn fashion designing photography and painting. Taking part in « Youth and the city » project at INPRO is my first volunteering project. I am very excited to take part in this project, because I think it brings me experience of new things, getting to know people of different cultures.







Mafalda Rodrigues da Silva, 25 years old and  from a cozy little Chaves city in Portugal. I studied Sciences and Technologies of the Environment in Oporto till 2017. Since then I am participating in non-formal education activities like Youth exchanges, Training courses and other opportunities. I enjoy meeting and connecting with new people of different backgrounds and cultures, discover unknown places and their history/environment. Being in contact with Nature, and explore its biodiversity is one of passions. That’s why I have the concern to conservate and help our planet to restore itself. I came to Rzeszów for an ESC program and I hope to contribute the best I can, develop my skills in a variety of ways, as well as to have the experience of travelling around Poland and improve my Polish.



Salut ! I’m Anthony (Tony in short) and I come from France. 26 years ago, I was born close to Paris and since I’ve lived and have done my studies there. Recently graduated as electrical engineer after an international semester in Tomsk, Russia. I thought that it would be the great moment for me to have a break and become a volunteer. That’s how I arrived in Rzeszow, willing to participate in projects, learn how to organize and manage events, meet new friends and feel useful during that short project. Travelling is for me much more than just a passion, it’s very important to discover different cultures, to face many visions and opportunities and more generally to be open to the world through all its aspects! Hoping to meet you soon at the various events to discuss.