Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Time’s up! Team up!

Time’s up! Team up!

This is a volunteering teams project that will take place in 2021 in Rzeszow. It welcomes 48 youth with fewer opportunities, divided into 3 groups of 16 volunteers each who will join our organization in spring, summer and autumn. Each round will last for 7 weeks and consists of a well-structured educational experience with time to learn as well as to give a contribution. The volunteers help in ongoing activities, projects and events as well as they have space to realize their own ideas. They also work with multimedia – making videos, promotional materials, organizing educational campaigns. They can host workshops, organize events – it depends on their ideas and ongoing possibilities. They also realize the final events – Time to Move Festivals in spring and autumn and intercultural picnic in the summer. Every week, the volunteers are also offered a series of job-related training (photography, event management, basics of facilitation, youth opportunities, etc)  as well personal development workshops with a psychologist who helps them with the reflection and the learning process. 

 Due to the epidemiological situation, activities might change and be adjusted to the ongoing restrictions. 

During the project the volunteers are provided with accommodation, pocket money and reimbursement of the travel costs up to a certain limit. The project is funded by the European Solidarity Corps programme.

The participants of the project are young people who applied via the official call on the European Youth Portal and were accepted. Please visit the portal to learn if we run the selection at this moment.


The team I – June-July 2021!

This was the first volunteering teams activity which involved 15 volunteers from all over Europe. They came to Rzeszow to support us in ongoing activities, to realize own ideas and to host the first edition of our youth festival “Time to Move”.

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Team II – August – September 2021!

This is the second activity planned for the summer of 2021. It also involved a group of 16 volunteers who joined us for 7 weeks to help with ongoing activities and the preparation of the second edition of our youth festival “Time to Move”. 

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Team III – November – December 2021!

This is the third activity planned for the autumn of 2021. It involved a group of 20 volunteers who joined us for 7 weeks to help with ongoing activities and the preparation of the youth festival. Check out ESC portal to see if we currently run the selection for the next group. 

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The project “Time’s up! Team up!” was realized within the European Solidarity Corps programme. Project number: 2020-3-PL01-ESC11-094825