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Summer Development

The Summer Development project made it possible for Oli from Turkey to spend 6 months in Rzeszów, in the period of December 2017 – May 2018.

Oli comes from  Istanbul, and after 6 years of work at different places, he decided to invest in his personal development and take the challenge of EVS volunteering. Oli wanted to meet new people, realize educational projects, and gain valuable experience.

At INPRO, the volunteer was engaged in many different tasks and activities. He helped with promotion, program preparation, and co-hosting our main events – Open Cafe and Monday Stories

Together with other volunteers,  he visited local schools to talk about his country and share his experience on a variety of topics. He was also taking part in the ongoing workshops at the Rzeszów Culture Incubator and other institutions. The volunteer was also encouraged to propose ideas related to his area of interest.

The PR-related tasks performed by Oli concerned analyzing media content, improving and updating INPRO’s website, Facebook, and Instagram profiles; writing articles, and taking part in interviews.

It was also time to work on his photographic and video-related skills. Oli was responsible for taking pictures and recording movies that he would later edit using photo/video apps and editors, designing the visual identity of projects as well as promotional materials.

The volunteer was also responsible for INPRO’s administration and office maintenance.

The project was coordinated by Istanbul Arel Universitesi from Turkey and hosted by INPRO.

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