Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”



Social Integration Through Informal Dialogue KA2 Project

The “Social Integration through Informal Dialogue” project was based on one of INPRO’s local initiatives called Open Cafe which was realized under the scope of the Open Rzeszow project in 2016 which was financed by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe. It was initially created in response to the increasing number of immigrants moving to Rzeszow, Poland to study or work.

Open Cafe is an informal and comfortable space open for all. It is a space where people meet, break stereotypes about each other and debate different issues. They also learn how to actively listen, be respectful and clearly express their opinions. Therefore this project aims to create new cultural spaces for people to meet on equal terms, and where the rules of interaction are more flexible. This creates a mutual understanding between participants which can then filter into larger community-level interactions.

Consequently, this project does not simply mean to engage newcomers, refugees and migrants, but also to foster interaction and dialogue with the wider European society. And as the far-right gains traction in many European societies, all of us need to build open and accessible cultural spaces, where migrants, refugees and the local European community are in dialogue with each other.

The project “Social Integration through Informal Dialogue” was created to inspire you to organize Open Cafe events in your local communities.

For this reason, we created the publication “How to Organize Open Cafe “ which contains information about the event preparation and management as well as provides an outline of a few event’s editions. You will also find here a story of how the events differed from each other depending on local reality. We also made videos that explain four Open Cafe outlines presented in the publication. 

Below you can see the publication in the English version. The materials are also available in Greek, Italian, Polish and Swedish languages.

Check out Open Cafe Youtube playlist to learn more about the project, participants’ impressions and reflections and activities.

During the project the partners also produced the following videos: