Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Supporting NGOs

Supporting NGOs

Long-term hosting EVS Volunteers Opportunity

We are pleased to invite public and non-governmental institutions to cooperate with our Association as part of European Voluntary Service Erasmus Plus.

EVS Volunteers may help with the everyday office work of the organization. They will be able to bring in new ideas for activities as well as make the already-set work meaningful. Volunteers will work 30 hours per week and they are entitled to a spreadable 28-days holiday period throughout 12-months long projects.

All costs connected with hosting EVS Volunteers are covered by Erasmus Plus Programme (travelling costs, acommodation, food, allowance, insurance, language courses, pre-training and hosting costs – administration, special trainings for EVS).

Our organization is accredited by the European Voluntary Service as an entity allowed to coordinate, host and send volunteers. Thus, we are able to support and cooperate with other EVS volunteers hosting organizations.

As a coordinating organization we commit ourselves to:

  • helping with gaining accreditation as a hosting organization
  • applying for Erasmus Plus funds on behalf of the hosting organization
  • setting a general plan of  EVS work and dealing with the legal paperwork (residency, address registration, etc.)
  • Cooperating in the selection of candidates for volunteering projects, taking into account the expectations and the profile of hosting organizations
  • managing projects finances and settlements
  • supervising projects until termination and helping to provide accomodation, language course, food,  allowance.
  • sending volunteers to participate in trainings organized by the Polish National Agency (on arrival, midterm trainings)

As a hosting organization your duties will be to:

  • create a suitable work environment, ensure work hours falls between 30-35 hours weekly and  support volunteers for their personal projects
  • assign a supervisor who will be responsible of  giving individual language and pedagogical support to volunteers and to whom they may refer in case of any problems; a mentor should help volunteers with getting in touch with the local community, getting to know new people and free time organization
  • prepare volunteers for the realization of tasks entrusted to them by, if applicable, providing them with an introduction to the work or qualifications or skills improving training
  • participate in project evaluation and factual report preparation.

Hosting organization bears no costs connected with hosting or project coordination. We encourage to get in touch with us in order to meet and discuss in more details.

Contact: Beata Szmuc, administration chairwoman, / 0048 721 109 179

Examples of institution and volunteers hosting projects in other cities:

  • Volunteers in Kindergarten No. 92 in Kracow
  • Volunteers in Wielkoprądnicki’s small manor house (a cultural institution) in Cracow
  • Volunteers in Primary School No. 24 in Kracow
  • Volunteers in Dąbrowa Commune

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is a part of the Erasmus Plus programme and is financed by the European Commission. The Voluntary Service enables young people aged 18-30 from UE countries (and partner countries like Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine) to work as a volunteers in another UE country for a period of 2-12 months working on social integration, ecological,  artistic, educational and informational projects coordinated by the hosting organization.

Volunteers may be hosted by non-governmental organizations, regional or local authorities, sport clubs, community centres, Employment Agencies, orphanages or every another non-profit organization.