Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Open Rzeszów

Open Rzeszów

“Open Rzeszów” project addressed young people, both locals and internationals aging 15-30 from NYCRzeszów and Podkarpackie Province in South-East Poland. With this project we aimed to build an open, peaceful and inclusive society among young people. The project was also designed to break stereotypes regarding young people from this region who are seen as passive, conservative, intolerant and unaware of international issues related to human rights abuse, discrimination or violence.

Through a diverse set of activities we aimed to generate a blend of ages, cultures, experiences and knowledge favoring fruitful meetings and workshops. Within the “Open Rzeszów” project, three types of workshops were conducted to raise awareness and sensitivity regarding inequality, injustice, discrimination and hate speech. These projects were “Open Cafe”, “Open Cinema” and “People of Rzeszów”. 


Open Cafe

The project was aimed at integrating and educating target groups using non-formal methods.  It was an opportunity for the youth of Rzeszów – those who were born here as well as those who have moved to our city from other corners of the world – to meet and take the time to know each other. With a warm cup of coffee or tea, participants learnt about other cultures, shared their experiences and were a part of intercultural workshops and activities. For two hours a week, participants met to discuss, debate and share experiences regarding human rights and global issues. The event was run in English and the program for each event was prepared by our international volunteers – Lily and Elsa. In total we hosted 35 Open Cafe events.

Here you can find photos of our events! 


Open Cinema


We screened movies and documentaries related to human rights issues, youth in action, grassroots movements and European values. The screening was followed by a discussion club, where participants could share their thoughts and impressions after watching a movie. We have screened six following movies: “The land Between”, “Your name is Justine”, “Made in BY”, “The great European disaster”, “Mamma Illegal”, and “Next door family”. 

Take a look at our screenings!



People of Rzeszów


The goal of this campaign was to promote a more positive and open society of young people and internationals living in Rzeszów, as well as to incite the participants to reflect on their present conditions and the importance of non-formal education to build a peaceful future society. Their thoughts were featured on online posters throughout the duration of the project on our Facebook page and website. We published 17 posters and stories in terms of this campaign.  





We delivered 13 workshops for 164 young people from Rzeszów and region, some of them participated in couple of workshops. There were 8 workshops on intercultural learning, 3 workshops on hate speech and 2 on discrimination.

The topics of the workshops were following:

  • Freedom Unlimited?,
  • All different, all equal,
  • Culture talks,
  • Persuade me otherwise,
  • Tightrope walk etc.


The project “Open Rzeszów” took place between July 2016 – March 2017.

“Open Rzeszów” was supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.

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The partner of the project was Estrada Rzeszowska – Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury.