Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Music changing Perspectives

Music changing Perspectives

Volunteers and members of partner organizations aged 18-25 took part in the project titled Music Changing Perspectives. They came from 3 different countries France (OENE), Poland (INPRO), and Italy (Young Effect Association).

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In this Youth Exchange, participants were challenged to compose songs and organise a local concert within BWA Krosno premises. They learned how to make music and improvise, composed songs, created covers of famous ones, and organised a concert guided by facilitators and team leaders. They were also encouraged to involve other young people of the community by joining local events and meeting youth in Krosno. 

During the exchange, participants discussed and listed the main problems that young people all over Europe face nowadays. The youth exchange aimed to show other youth organizations that music can also become an educational tool for youth to get them more involved in community activities. We believe that they will use it as a best practice example and also as a source of inspiration for future work.

music changing perspectives, krosno, youth exchange, inpro, erasmus plus, rzeszow

The final result of the youth exchange was a concert addressing the difficulties that youth has to face nowadays in their countries and the ways of overcoming them by taking part in international projects such as youth exchanges. The aim of the concert was to bring awareness among young generations about the advantages of being active and participative in developing activities.



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Our Partners:

1. Organization for Empowerment and Non-formal Education – France
2. International Projects Association INPRO – Poland
3. Young Effect Association – Italy

The project is co-financed under the Erasmus+ program