Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Intergenerational volunteering – we educate, inspire & cooperate!

Intergenerational volunteering – we educate, inspire & cooperate!

Intergenerational volunteering – we educate, inspire & cooperate!  is a European Solidarity Corps project we received funds for in order to make it possible for Russian volunteer, Pavel come to Rzeszów for one year and work at Fundacja APROBATA in the period of March 2020 – March 2021.

During his stay in Poland, Pavel’s main task is to help Fundacja APROBATA to run daily activities at its volunteering center Rzeszowskie Centrum Wolontariatu 50+. The center was established in 2018 specifically for the seniors from our region, and its mission is to keep them active at retirement.

The center offers a variety of events, workshops, and consultancy meetings and gives its members the opportunity to develop various passions, skills, and interests. The center’s most popular activities are the handicraft workshopsFriday’s bridge, and board games. Seniors can also take part in bookcrossing, which is a new popular way of a book exchange.

Pavel’s role is also to help with the promotion of the center, by running its website and social media. He is responsible for taking pictures and recording video material that he later edits using a variety of apps and programs for photo/video edition. Pavel participates in the workshops organized by the center and shares his own ideas to extend the offer of activities available at Rzeszowskie Centrum Wolontariatu 50+. A good example can be a Russian language exchange since the majority of the Polish seniors speak Russian (they learned during their school years). The volunteer is also responsible for the center’s administration and office maintenance.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Pavel was engaged in the action of sewing face masks.

The project is coordinated by INPRO and hosted by Fundacja APROBATA.


Here you can watch center’s promo material:

Rzeszowskie Centrum Wolontariatu 50+

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