Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”



Our organization is trying to come out with a wide range of workshops targeted at the Rzeszów community. We work mainly on the basis of proprietary programs that are constantly updated and tailored to the needs of people participating in the classes. We also develop our own teaching materials, games, plays and work cards. We focus primarily on intercultural education, we are also close to the topics of youth interpersonal development, human rights, civic and psycho-health education. The topics and dates of the workshops depend on the projects we are currently implementing, and the leaders are usually employees and volunteers of our organization, as well as friendly trainers.




Examples of workshops we have completed are:

Psychological workshops for young people – workshops on personal development and discovering strengths,
Holidays with INPRO – workshops in English focusing on the integration of participants, development of language and interpersonal competences,
Career in – the workshops were aimed at developing curiosity in the young generation and broadening horizons.

We also run information meetings on the European Solidarity Corps program for people interested in going abroad for volunteering, and for institutions considering hosting a volunteer.


To see what we have planned in the near future, visit our page on FB!