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Breaking Stereotypes: Indonesia

Breaking Stereotypes: Indonesia


On Wednesday, 3rd of December at 19.00 we came over to the restaurant Trattoria Al Forno, in order to listen to amazing stories from Indonesia – the country of 17,000 islands and 250 million people.

Indonesia is 23 hours away by plane from Poland. What do we know about this country? Beans. Only some of us may know where it’s located on a world map. It is a shame since Indonesia spreads over 5 thousand km, the area counts for 2 million km2. It is also the largest Muslim country in the world. Even though this religion dominates in that region, Indonesia is diverse both in culture and nationality.

Stereotypes pop up in our heads when countries or nations are poorly known. What if we don’t know the country at all? Most of us know tourist destinations – Bali Island, some have heard about Komodo dragons. The whole world could watch news about terrorist attacks in Bali or the Tsunami in the Indian Ocean in 2004. What’s more, many of us claim Indonesia is an undeveloped country.

Is that truth? Is Islam dangerous for tourists there? Is there more to Indonesia than just Bali Island? And is Bali the real paradise? What about Indonesians? What are they like? What does the life look like in Indonesia? What’s worth to know about this exotic country and its culture? And finally: who’s Bule? And how does Bule feel in Indonesia?

The guest of the evening was Katarzyna Warchoł, a journalism and international relations graduate, who taught English in a local high school in Indonesia. Kasia is probably the only Pole and the only white woman who lived in Lamongan on Java island (60 km from Surabayi) – the most Muslim city in Indonesia.