Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Photographic thread on personal experience at INPRO

Photographic thread on personal experience at INPRO

These volunteers wanted to present their experience at INPRO in a creative and original way. They started a photographic project where they tried to explain a story with pictures, with the intention of carrying out performance and playing with “abstract art”, which gives the spectators the opportunity to draw their own conclusions.

Although they let us see a series of contrasts that we can find in the colors the models wear (black and white), in the facial expressions (joy and seriousness), and in the different poses that the models take during the photos, being the order of these of great importance.

The authors of these photos wanted to express their emotions and show us everything that is hidden behind all these contrasts, apparently full of double meanings.

  1. Contrasts of colors (YIN and YANG): this symbolizes how different every volunteer is from each other. We come from different countries and cultures and we can have a different appearances. Here is the first contrast, aspects that can’t be seen at first glance such as traditions and customs that, we discover from others while living together and which are different from ours.
  2. Attitudes: during these two months we have been through different emotional states, as well as experienced different feelings, from happiness to sadness, uncertainty, etc.
  3. The order of the photos has also an intention and it is to show how the distance in the first photo expresses more disconnection. In this specific situation, it wants to explain the story of two volunteers who start their adventure respectively in their own places and comfort zones, as it happened at the beginning of the project. But then, with time, the story has evolved, and it has been a different process in each relationship. In this case, the volunteers reached a connection with each other, obviously everyone in a different way, with different intensities, and ending with a friendship based on trust and affection.

Models: Sergiu_sem and Noelia_fn
Photographer: Sheyla_aven