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Bon Voyage in Rzeszów with Aykhan Samadov

Bon Voyage in Rzeszów with Aykhan Samadov

Hey, there!

Do you love traveling and discovering new places?

Let’s take a short e-trip in the capital city of Subcarpathian Voivodeship in Poland. YAAY!!!

Our first steps will start from Rzeszów Główny railway station  which is the most important station of Rzeszów. The station offers connections to all major cities of Poland, also to Kiev and Lviv in Ukraine.

Taking off our masks, we excitingly walk to see the most famous monument of Rzeszow! Revolutionary Act Monument. A monument to remember the battles in Rzeszów sometimes can be the funniest thing in the town! The designer said that he wanted to create 2 laurel leaves with statues of soldiers in the middle. BUT if you look right in the middle of the monument, its shape can make you think of a female body part.

Now turn your face to the left and we will see Bazylika Wniebowzięcia Najświętszej Maryi Panny w Rzeszowie (The Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Rzeszów) which is a parish church of the same name located in the very center on the edge of the Rzeszów Old Town.

Did somebody say old town? Of course, as a typical European town, Rzeszów has central square of the Old Town with the Town Hall and a well from the 17th century called Rynek (Market Square). There are hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs, museums and various institutions. On summer evenings, you can watch the performances of famous singers, music and vocal groups and dance troupes.

On our way passing by the Kościół pw. Św. Wojciecha i Św. Stanisława (St. Adalbert and St. Stanisław church), we will meet with a very special person, who was the best musician, composer and guitar player according to the magazine Jazz Forum in 1986. Hats off for a true talent Tadeusz Nalepa.

Oh, I can hear you that it is too hot here. Okay then, let’s move towards the Rzeszow Multimedia Fountain near the Lubomirski Summer Palace. It offers summertime shows which are a combination of water, music, lights and sometimes even acting. The amphitheater equipped in 300 seats can be found near the fountain.

And yes, the huge building you just left behind was Zamek Lubomirskich (Lubomirski Castle) Built in 1458, the catsle is a spacious, quadrate building with the courtyard in the center and the high gate tower from the west. Currently in the walls of the castle are exhibitions and concerts, and in the courtyard are held open-air performances.

Now we are going to a bit calm and peaceful place. Stary Cmentarz (The Old Cemetery) was established in 1792. Currently, every year conservation works are carried out. We meet here works of stonework of high artistic value. Classicist works predominate here, although many are also from the Romantic or Neo-Gothic period.

Believe me or not, on my path from the final destination to the final destination of our trip, Kościół Rzymskokatolicki pw. MB Saletyńskiej (on the left) and Dominican Monastery (Dominikanie Rzeszów) (on the right) so much admired me that I could not stop my camera.

And here we are! (DRUMS!!!). My top destination on the burning summer weekends in 2020. The Żwirownia swimming pool is very popular in the summer season by the inhabitants of Rzeszów and the surrounding areas. As an artificial beach, it will offer you sunshines, sand, palm trees, volleyball courts, barbeque spots and much more.

Alright! Enough VitaminD for today. I hope you enjoyed our short voyage in Rzeszów. Feel free to share your opinion about this beautiful place with me Aykhan Samadov from Azerbaijan.

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PS: If you read until here, you deserve more photos from Rzeszów haha 🙂