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Training course ”Uni-verse-a integral life practice” in Latvia

Training course ”Uni-verse-a integral life practice” in Latvia

During  20 – 24th of May 27 participants from 9 European countries met in a beautiful Ramava manor in Latvia for a 5-day training course ”Uni-verse-a integral life practice”. A youth worker is the one who can inspire and encourage young people to take the necessary steps towards a more balanced and meaningful life. To lead such a process he has to be balanced and has to have his own meaningful path discovered. With this aim in mind, participants came to Latvia and were open to new experiences and personal development training that leads to growth and transformation.

During the week several experienced and inspirational trainers shared their stories and invited to explore and learn more about various different theories and practical exercises that open new horizons and let participants think about their own personal growth.

At the beginning of the training, lecturers explored such interesting topics as dualism, comprehensive wellness, various human intelligences and many more. Participants worked in groups to discover what are the aspects that help them grow in each of the human wellness sectors – body, mind, spirit and emotional sector. The group of participants was very active and engaging. Many interesting discussions arose when such concepts as unconscious decision making and mindful communication were introduced. The sharing of opinions and experiences brought the participants much closer as a team and also ignited several interesting discussions about self-awareness and development. During the training, participants not only gained valuable theoretical knowledge but also spent a lot of time outdoors and worked also with physical exercises. A considerable part of the training was devoted to learning to become aware of the body and self-confidence as an integral part of one’s journey to a more meaningful and happier life. During those physical exercises, participants practiced body awareness and, with the help of others, had the chance to look at themselves from other’s point of view.

The theoretical and practical sessions with concentration on non-formal learning were not the only activities for the group of participants – an interesting day outside of the training premises was planned for the youth workers when they had a chance to see one of the most beautiful palaces in Latvia – Rundāles palace, participated in gong meditation as well as had an opportunity to taste Latvian cuisine in a rustic countryside restaurant. In the evenings after the training sessions, participants organized cultural evenings where traditional dishes, songs and dances were introduced to the rest of the group.

In our fast-paced era, it is very important to learn how to find a balance between different roles in life and not to lose the sparkle and joy in a never-ending pile of unfinished documents and approaching deadlines. Being true to oneself and being able to define the real, meaningful goals in life is not an easy task – during this week ”Uni-verse-a integral life practice” training participants learned what are the steps that need to be taken towards achieving this goal and they went back home inspired, thoughtful and ready to share their learnings with the young people they work with.

Paulina Lipska from INPRO took part in the training course:

“The training course was an amazing experience, that ensured me with my professional and personal paths. It raised awareness of my capabilities and motivation to use them in my everyday life”, Paulina Lipska says.

INPRO is a partner of the project.