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Polish Breeze

Polish Breeze

Written by Luca Parise


Dear reader,

Here I am. Now settled in Poland where the weather is always the same, mostly windy and cold. I remember that for the first 12 days in Rzeszow I had only a couple of sunny days but it doesn’t matter, we knew that spring was running late here compared to Italy. The city where I live is a city, an industrial one let’s say, places are all very similar to each other, mostly heavy traffic during peak hours, smog, of course, and many small kiosks. The office where I work is next to the train station, so it is an ideal space for small kiosks.

I feel good away from home, or at least I think so for now, but it’s nothing new. We all feel better away from home. In the end this is true if we haven’t a partner or a son away from us. We are always careful not to forget our house, our family, holding on tightly, but then we also prefer to stay elsewhere. Perhaps, in the end home is within us, in memories, in things; in the family calendar that I have on my desk in the office, for example. Or in the diary where I write what for me is worth to be written. For this reason, I hardly miss someone. I always have my family, friends and dear things inside me, with me. Probably for me it is also too easy to think like this, because I haven’t lost anybody close yet. Not like some people who have lost everything. But I think that in the end everything can change, except family. Family is unique.

Here time flows fast, without problems of pride, and quarrels connected to it, the days glide away lightly like skis on the snow. It is a new lifestyle but, I believe, impossible to maintain in the long term. Here you do not find time to think about your future, because the only thought that occupies your free time goes into planning trips, which in my opinion are not even planned so well in the end. There is a common desire not to stay in one place and wait or think about post-Poland. Because actually we all already know that what awaits us will be another, inevitable and necessary beginning that will see us novices in the longest and most complicated path of life, ours. The transition from adolescents to men and women affects everyone sooner or later; I like to think it’s always that way. We are well aware, however, that reality also sees people who are unable to form their self during their lives, remaining sad, in the limbo of adolescence, of casual amusement. This means that for now the real fun is only the one planned because when you are aware that you are doing something you like, that you have imagined it before you’ve lived it, then you can truly be happy. And these memories are kept in the mind over the years without difficulty.
Of course, it is not easy to find one’s way, it takes patience, determination and calm. We need also and above all support, “no one saves alone” (a novel by Margaret Mazzantini): parents, relatives, partners, friends, animals, books… Everyone needs to find fertile ground on which to feel stable enough to sink their own roots so as to grow up sturdy, overcoming the adolescent phase, passing from plant to oak. We are therefore all self-propelled trees, equipped with lower limbs, in search of a place, “ours”, where we can stop to get, sitting down, the natural dimension, transmuting our legs into roots.

Next week we will spend Tuesday to Sunday on a new journey. We have planned a first stop in a mountain village (Zakopane), for a walk through the high Carpathian nature of Poland and then a second brief stop in the capital of Slovakia before ending up in Vienna for 3 nights. The only thing I would like to see in Vienna is the theater, I don’t care how much money I will spend for it or what show I will see, what I want is just to get into the old, red, decorated room. On way back to  Poland, we will also stop in Brno. We will rent a car for the whole trip, so we will have the possibility to choose our journey with great flexibility. If you open the map the path we are going to take will form a kind of oval: Zakopane as the first step, then Bratislava, Vienna, Brno, Ostrava, Katowice, Krakow and then straight home, to Rzeszow. If we had one more day we could also have stopped at Auschwitz but it doesn’t matter, I’ll probably go there with a Sicilian I met here in Poland and who lives near Katowice.

I confess you that being constantly on the go does not excite me that much but I have to say that it helps me relax, and that it gives me the opportunity to meet many special people. We have also experienced many strange situations, those actually never fail. But the positive side of all this is the new and different knowledge that I have the chance to live here. I visited the capital, castles, took some pictures … but it is always like this. What is most striking is always the people I meet; those moments that we live together, for some reason, remain more easily etched in my memory than some photograph, cathedral or monument. So, you understand what I mean… As far as I’m concerned, it is the people who give me the opportunity to think of something new, because they are the new part of my life, so irrational and different from the previous one that seems to overtake another parallel dimension. I perceive them as actors of a long, articulated dream. Unfortunately, through art I still can’t feel some important or profound vibration, maybe it’s thanks to my scientific studies. But probably not, because I don’t consider myself a technician. And I wouldn’t like to be. I’m more than comfortable being in between art and science. Sometimes I choose to have behaviors of a type in some moments while in others I show different or even opposite behaviors. But that’s a story for another time. Now, I need to think about what to do after this time in Poland…