Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

”’YOUth Are The Voice” Training Course – August 2018, Finland

”’YOUth Are The Voice” Training Course – August 2018, Finland

INPRO was cooperating at “YOUth are the Voice”, the training course that started on the 13th and ended in the 21st of August at Finland. Social Media was the main theme explored in this project organized by the Youth House of Lapua and the Youth services of Seinäjoki, under the Erasmus funding. The course was aimed to students, volunteers, teachers, journalists and youth workers.

Twelve countries, twenty-five participants came together for several days to develop their knowledge, skills, and attitudes on a certain theme.

The trainers that were chosen to this project were Marco, from Brazil, currently living in Estonia, and Lorenzo, from Italy. Both have large experience in European projects, Erasmus, youth work and communication. Rhetoric, persuasion, stereotypes, symbols, critical thinking and targeting groups were some of the main topics discussed on this training course. Participants created different campaigns involving image and posts using different social media platforms.

After the end of the training course, the participants left Finland with improved knowledge, critical thinking and brand new tools for their future as professionals and active citizens.  Finland, Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Italy, Slovenia, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece and Germany will continue their journey on finding their voice they want to be within their society.

They will always remember their funny moments, cooperation, games, thoughts, disagreements, personal evaluation during this project. They gained lots of creative ideas and inspiration. It was a very productive week, all the process taught them a lot. Now they reflect on own reality how to transfer and action planning of messages to involve young people to act.