Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Amazing Berlin with Erasmus+

Amazing Berlin with Erasmus+

Hi, my name is Marina and between the 12th to 18th of August, I had the opportunity to join the “Reach the World – Constructive Media for Social Change” seminar in Berlin.

I chose this seminar because it focused on constructive journalism and the influence journalists can make on migrant issues. I like that we always had a discussion and shared our opinions with each other. All the 18 participants had a chance to present their own perspectives on different topics. It was really good that most participants were already professional journalists or involved in NGOs that work with immigrants and refugees. So, I got to learn more about how real journalists work as well as other countries’ political and migration situation.

Our main task for this project was to create a movie. We were divided in groups where each participant was responsible for one thing. This made our work easier and more efficient. Before creating the material we learned about the film-making process and then we chose a topic and concept. To be honest, this was the hardest part. When you have 5-6 different people in a team, they all want to create something different and each of them has their own ideas and intentions. So it can get really crazy. It was a really big challenge to agree on one idea which satisfied everyone in the group. Also all the participants were mixed, so there was a chance that someone in your group didn’t speak your language. And sometimes it was even difficult to find the correct word in English. We also had very limited time. Just a day and a half for shooting and a day for editing! But at least we were not alone! We were always being helped by professional movie makers who gave us wise and useful advice.  So even though we had some misunderstandings and time limits, we finally came to an agreement and shot the video. To our surprise, when each group presented their work, we realized that every group faced similar problems as ours. So it was a relief.

During the 6 days I was in Berlin, I made new friends, learned new skills and have new impressions about the city. I also had a chance to live with international students from Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Spain on a boat. It was a very unusual experience to live on a boat and have sessions on the deck. I felt like we are on a cruise. Also, there was no internet on the boat, so every evening we would sit around and talk to each other, or sing, or play UNO and badminton. I think this really helped us become very close to each other. And after some days we felt like best friends.

With this Erasmus+ project I learned how to work in a team and how to deal with different people. It also allowed me to network with other participants and have a possibility for future cooperation. And because there were participants with different migrant backgrounds, I had a chance to listen to their successful and inspiring stories. In conclusion, Erasmus+ projects are great for getting new knowledge and learning practical skills. It’s also chance to find a new perspective for your own life.

More photos of the project available here.

And don’t forget to take a look at the video my team produced: