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Mission Impossible? Can you create an online course within 24 hours?

Mission Impossible? Can you create an online course within 24 hours?

Hi! My name is Sultan, and INPRO in a partnership with Egyesek Youth Association gave me an opportunity to try it on my own. From the 29th of May to the 4th of June, a small UNESCO site village of hosted a training course “EducatiON LINE” in a scope of TurnONline project.  15 youth workers from Hungary, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain and Poland were diving through the ocean of knowledge, internet and communications.

During the first two days, we learned about online educational methods (webinars, tutorials, MOOC’s) and a variety of platform services that provide tools needed for developing an online course. By the end of the first day, we each got used to online educational environment. It seemed so unfamiliar and a little scary at first, but our trainers did everything to make digital adaptation as easy as possible.  

On the third day we were introduced to various video shooting techniques and interviewing basics. We were amazed by how the process of video shooting is actually unbelievably close to reality from the perspective of an operator.

Finally, the last two days were dedicated to our own projects, specifically, our own Online Courses. Teams were composed and a freedom of creativity was provided – mission impossible: to create a brand new online course just within 24 hours. However, despite of a time shortage we showed incredible results. You’ll be able to see our courses online soon!

Through this entire course, we were surrounded by a tranquil terrain of Northern Hungarian hills in a small UNESCO heritage village that keeps medieval traditions up to this day. Fresh air, remoteness from a vanity charged us and kept our mind clean.

The short but complex training that was provided by Egyesek team with a cooperation of showed us that for people to share their knowledge and create something useful, they just need to get acquainted with the proper tools and techniques. Fortunately, in the 21st century, as internet is becoming more and more spread around the globe, the availability – the possibility of all people to reach this tools is growing. Analyzing, the TurnONline project does a big contribution to that, including a small step called EducatiON LINE. 

You can learn more about the project here and here

? News from "EducatiON LINE" training. ?After getting to know each other we jumped into the learning process. We reflect about what is e-learning for us personally, we discover and discuss different digital tools for non-formal education. #turn_online #erasmus #bedigital

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