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Every Monday there is a Story to tell

Every Monday there is a Story to tell

On Monday 5th of February we held our weekly event Monday Stories. The guest speaker was Marilia Nestor, a brazilian journalist, who has moved to Rzeszòw recently for work. She was born in Rio de Janeiro and was raised in Brazilia. At 23 years old, she already has significant experience as a journalist in Brazil, she has travelled around Europe and is now working for a Buzzfeed-like international website which publishes articles in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

She introduced herself with a striking confidence which she attributes to the open character of Brazilians and she dove on her presentation about Brazil starting with culture shock. The audience was gripped by her style and her jokes made them comfortable and the atmosphere cheerful.

Marilia expertly guided the audience through all the states and regions of that huge country which is Brazil, explaining the differences in culture, habits and ways of people. The event lasted about an hour and a half, but it felt like only twenty minutes had gone by.

The participants left the event in a good mood and with an increased knowledge of what it means to live and work in Brazil.

Thank you Marilia for accepting our invitation and you all for joining us. Hope you see you soon during next editions of Monday Stories.