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Magda’s experience as EVS volunteer in Hungary

Magda’s experience as EVS volunteer in Hungary

 Magda in currently working as EVS volunteer for “KÖZ-Pont Ifjúsági Egyesület” in Hungary


I am currently writing to you from Nyíregyháza, Hungary where I am doing my EVS.
Originally I am from Wrocław, but I was raised and lived almost my whole live in Rzeszów. This is where I went to school and university. This is where I discovered Erasmus+ projects. This is the city I found INPRO and some of my best international friends.

My story with Erasmus+ started in September, 2015 when I moved to Covilha, Portugal for one semester as part of student exchange. Ever since after that I was always looking for new ways to travel and meet people from all over the world, until I found discussion meetings in my city done by volunteers from EVS. That was the beginning of my adventure that is taking place now here in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary.
I am working in KÖZ-Pont Ifjúsági Egyesület (English: Center Youth Association) as part of “Share It” project. The project focuses on media: photos, videos, blog, Facebook, Instagram we even have some hours in the radio next door!

I was studying mathematics before coming here. A pretty long ways away from media, I know, but for me EVS is perfect time to explore your hobbies and interests and test yourself before the “real life”. My hobby is photography and this is why I choose to apply for this project, the extra thing that I get to learn while being here is writing, organising events and a blog that I am responsible for.

I am lucky in a sense that KÖZ-Pont is relatively big organisation and because of that we get to do and see a lot. There won’t be a month were we wouldn’t travel somewhere in Hungary for an event whether organised by association or being invited to participate in. But big organisation also means a lot work especially when you are responsible for reporting on every event you participate in. As always there are good and bad sides of every situation; honestly I am not going to complain on too much work because for me that means learning opportunities every day. Who knows? Maybe I will use all that knowledge in the future. 😉
Now, lovely reader, you may ask why EVS? The answers are as many as the people taking part in this projects. For me is learning opportunities, discovering different culture from within and using this time to add something new to my resume. For you it may be deepening your knowledge on the topic you already know, learning a language, meeting new people or just the possibility of living in different country for some time, learning to be independent.

So I am currently on my best journey, what will you do next year? 🙂
Love, Magdalena.