Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Waves of Migration – training course in Finland

Waves of Migration – training course in Finland

WoM – Waves of Migration


INPRO was a partner organization for the “WoM – Waves of Migration” project which is organized and coordinated by the Youth Work Services of Seinäjoki. The training course took place from 17th till 24th of October 2017  in Lapua & Seinäjoki, Finland.


The project gathered 24 participants  from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Finland.

WoM was a training course designed to explain and develop deeper understanding about migration in nowadays world. The main aim of the training course is to develop youth workers/leaders competences in the field of migration to give them proper tools and methods to help young people to adapt with the situation of high migration level in all its aspects.

INPRO chairman Radu Mirea and vicechairwoman Beata Szmuc took part in the training in order to increase their knowledge on the theme of migration and apply it to our activities in Rzeszow. They analysed the causes and the effects of migration through non-formal activities such as reflecting and discussing their countries attitude to immigrants and compare it to the others.

Both Beata and Radu were happy to take part in this training and felt they learned a lot about immigration and how to address the theme of migration in their youth work.