Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Language Cafe

Language Cafe

INPRO language cafe

Language Cafe project was designed to provide a relaxed and safe environment to language enthusiasts who would like to improve their knowledge and speaking ability of a foreign language by participating in workshops and lectures provided by native speakers.

We focused on verbal communication, to share our skills with other participants and find out interesting facts about the cultures of other nations, and in addition to having a good time.

We met every Wednesday at 19 in the building of Estrada Rzeszowska – Rzeszow’s Cultural Incubator. Every meeting was scheduled for two hours. Meetings were conducted in English.

The project was coordinated by Vanja Nedić and Meri Mamyan, who took to take care of professionalism and good atmosphere during the event.  The events had many dimensions: cultural, linguistic, and social development.


Meri Mamyan, e-mail:


The partner of the project was Estrada Rzeszowska – Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury.