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Breaking Stereotypes: Japan

Breaking Stereotypes: Japan

This time “Breaking Stereotypes” event, which took place on the 3rd of September at 19.00 in Trattoria Al Forno, took us on a journey to the country of cherry blossoms and samurai – to Japan. This is the most developed Asian country where progress and modernity coexist in balance with tradition and culture. Japan is an absolutely fascinating place for travelers who are looking for adventures. Japan, in the eyes of Poles, is a rich country of workaholics, death from overwork and socially oppressed women, as well as the homeland unparalleled anywhere else in the world of pop culture: manga comics, anime, video games, Hello Kitty mascot and teenagers dressing up as Lolita, cosplay or otaku. Does this image of Japan correspond to reality or is it just a mere concept?

The guest of our September’s meeting – Anika Godek – tried to trace the origins of myths and stereotypes about Japan in Polish society by referring to her own knowledge and experience. Anika, a graduate of English and Japanese Philology in Poznan, spent the last year in Japan, where she was teaching English and Polish in Japanese kindergartens, nurseries and primary schools. She also traveled around the country. Together with people from all over the world, she was hosted by many Japanese families, where she helped out with daily tasks, while getting to know the Japanese culture and customs.

The evening was held under the patronage of Polskie Radio Rzeszów, Pomar International as well as the Embassy of Japan in Poland!


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