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Breaking Stereotypes: India

Breaking Stereotypes: India

The word “India” means greeting. The country itself is nowadays the most populated democratic state polity in the world, where every day there are 22 official languages and over 1500 dialects in use. It happens, that two of India’s citizens can communicate between each other only in English. How does this diversity affect everyday life of Hindu? How did India, which was the pearl on the crown of the British Empire, manage to get their independence? About those, and many other topics we discussed on 6th of August.

The fourth „Breaking Stereotypes” traditionally took place on the first Wednesday of August, at 7.00 PM in Trattoria Al Forno. This time the organizer – International Projects Association INPRO – welcomed participants to the country which most of us associate mainly with Hinduism and holy cows, India!

The guest of the evening was Raman Grewal. She comes from the region of Punjab in India and she has lived and worked in Rzeszów for already 7 years! Before she moved to Poland, she graduated from the Arts at Punjab University Chandigarh. Raman decided to go abroad because, as she says, she wanted to experience european lifestyle and to become independent.

Raman explained to us, inter alia, what it means to be Sikh, what the caste system was and how it changed in time as well as if cows are holy for all Hindu people. She also confronted her impressions about her life in Poland with stereotypes regarding her nation.

We were happy to inform that Polskie Radio Rzeszów agreed on taking media patronage of our “BS” events from now on. We can listen to “BS: India”  on the 29th of June at 19.05 during the broadcast of “Podkarpackie Pozarządowe” hosted by Bernadeta Szczypta and Wojciech Wójcik.

The evening was held under the patronage of Pomar International as well as the Indo Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


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