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Breaking Stereotypes: Romania

Breaking Stereotypes: Romania

The first meeting took place on 7th of May at 19:00 in Trattoria Al Forno, Kraszewskiego street, no 6/6. This unique restaurant, although located in the downtown, stays away from city?s hustle and bustle. It feels the restaurant soul, in the historic tenement, where you will find restored century-old furniture, lamp shades, adorned pillows and knick knacks.

The main character of the first meeting was ROMANIA. Everybody, who wanted to confront everything they think they know about this country was invited. How is the Romanian daily life? Where do stereotypes prevalent in Poland come from? What?s the easiest way to get to Romania and how to travel over there?
The meeting was hosted by our guests. Radu Mirea from Craiova few months ago moved to Rzeszow. In Romania, he was an entrepreneur and later managed the regional office of business support. He was also active in different NGOs. What is he going to do in Rzeszow and what is he missing the most? How does he confront stereotypes about his country?

The partner of the discussion was Beata Szmuc, the founder of the Association, which inaugurates “Breaking Stereotypes” evening. When she was a student, for 15 months she lived in the south of Romania, working for an NGO.

We were pleased to announce that the Romania’s Tourist Information Office in Poland agreed on being a patron of our initiative.