Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

A1 – Team One

A1 – Team One

Time’s up! Team up! – the first volunteering team


Romain from France

Hi, I’m Romain. I’m from the south of France in a town called “La Seyne Sur Mer”. It is close to Marseille and I’m 26 years old.

I have a bachelor’s in psychology I’m kind of on a gap year before starting a master’s degree. I love traveling and meeting people from different countries with different cultures. I lived in Edinburgh for a bit.

My goal is to open an organization that will help the young from 16y to 30y in orientation, insertion, and guidance. I want to reduce inequality in school. I also love interculturality and what that can bring you.


Mariam from Georgia

My name is Mariam, I am 20 years old and I am from Georgia. I was born in Imereti, one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia, now I live in Tbilisi as I am currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in political science at Tbilisi State University. In addition to political science, which is my major, I study journalism and mass communication as I am also interested in journalism, especially analytical journalism, I love writing about interesting issues.
I like to spend time productively and interestingly and for that, I use all the resources I have. I especially like being in the multicultural atmosphere that contains values built on individualism, the promotion of interaction between people from different backgrounds- being part of this is really challenging for me. Today is the fourth day of my being here, but I can already feel the positive changes in me- this kind of international environment, new experiences, the process of exchanging opinions between people from different countries and backgrounds is a prerequisite for self-development. I am really happy to be here with so many interesting people and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Soso from Georgia

My name is Soso and I am from Georgia. I am 20 years old. I was born in Kakheti and after school, I moved to the Tbilisi, capital city of Georgia. I am studying law at Tbilisi State University.

In my free time, I like reading books, listening to music and watching films. I also like to have fun with friends.

Now I am taking part in the project ‘Times up! Team up!’ in INPRO and I am very grateful for this opportunity because I can improve my skills, learn new skills, improve my English, I can traveling and meet new people from different countries.

It is my first experience being abroad and it is very interesting. I think after this project I will be more independent and communicable. Rzeszow is very beautiful so I like walking in this city. Also, in the future, I want to continue volunteering and try another volunteering program in another country.

Victoria from Spain

I’m Victoria Luaces, I am from Spanish (I’m living there now) but I was born in Venezuela (Latin America) so I have a mix of cultures and traditions in me! I’m a lawyer with a focused career on human rights and international humanitarian law, I worked in an NGO for a while defending the rights of people in need and my dream is to keep focus my career in social projects, human rights, children rights, and hopefully one day founding and NGO to support people in different aspects and defend their rights.

I joined this project because, as I said, I love social projects, sharing with people and I think this is an amazing way to get closer to my dreams and life projects. Also, I believe that every culture and every person has a lot to give so I wanted to meet and knew the most I can from my new friends and their perspectives, and also try to improve my skills (especially practice my English). On the other hand, I’m a movie/series lover, and an animal lover too (I have a little dog in Venezuela that I miss a lot). I’m excited to see how much we can grow as persons here!

Dana from Kazakhstan

Hello there, my name is Dana. I’m from Karaganda, Kazakhstan. I am currently studying in Poland and learning about its culture. I like many things, but nature must be one of the most appreciated things in my life, I simply adore spending time in nature with breathtaking views of mountains, forests.

Interesting facts about myself: I am interested in history, politics, I watch a lot of documentary films and enjoy listening to all types of music.  In addition, I enjoy trying new things and aim to do something new every month. In fact, it is the reason why I began volunteering.

Being a volunteer for the InPro Organization is an amazing experience since it provides a friendly environment and it allows me to meet people all around the world and work with them as a team.

Yerkezhamal from Kazakhstan

My name is Yerkezhamal Zheteyeva and I live and study in Rzeszów, Poland. I am 19 and originally from Kokshetau, the northern side of Kazakhstan-a beautiful country with amazing nature and adventurous history. My major is Aviation management and currently, I am going to finish my first academic year.
Apart from that, I am very interested in foreign languages and music. I speak Kazakh, Russian, English, Korean and know the basics of German, Japanese and Polish. The reason I am passionate about languages because I want to understand different cultures more and get closer to them.
Music is grown within my heart. In my childhood, I was taught the basics of music by my grandfather and since then, music has been one of the integral partS of my life. I can play guitar, dombra (a Kazakh traditional instrument), ukulele, and a bit of piano.
I want to learn more, develop as a person, and share my knowledge and experience with others. For these particular reasons, I joined the “Time’s Up! Team Up!” project conducted by INPRO Association, because I am convinced that the international team can generate new unique ideas and acquire more achievements.

Shaghik from Georgia

Hi. I am Shaghik Arzumanyan. I am from Georgia and I am 22 years old. I am a third-year student at the faculty of international relations. I love singing and playing the piano. When I have free time I am learning new pieces and songs. Also, I love to travel, meet new people, spend fun time with them and enjoy life. I am an open, friendly, and cheerful girl. I am very interested in volunteer programs and projects. At the moment I am a volunteer of the excellent organization INPRO.

I love doing good, helping other people, and enjoying them. Pleasant memories acquired knowledge, skills, and experience, new acquaintances and friends gave me a great desire and motivation to continue my volunteer work abroad. I try to be active, participate in many projects and programs, gain new knowledge, and show my positive sides. In the future, I want to participate in the exchange program of Erasmus + and fulfill my dream – ” see the northern lights”.

Abdoulaye from Mali

My name is Abdoulaye Koina I come from Mali. I arrived in Italy two years ago to study. I am doing a master’s in political science. The program is: “International cooperation on human rights and intercultural heritage” at the University of Bologna campus of Ravenna. I am a polyglot with 5 local and 4 international languages and I have always liked to volunteer. I believe that volunteering opens my mind and I find my satisfaction in helping others even if it is minimal. It is said that by helping others to succeed we ensure our own success. I’m an activist at “Refugees Welcome Italia Ravenna” which deals with the reception of migrants in difficult situations but also with mentorship, a project we are trying to implement. I’m also a member of an association “Noi per VOI” which tries to accompany people in their process of renewing their residence permit. I decided to participate in this project of volunteering “Time’s up! Team Up!” of the European Solidarity Corps through INPRO because I believe that it will help me to improve in my competencies, to enlarge my network of knowledge, and to discover other cultures.

Vlad from Romania

I am Vlad Șteopoaie, I am 18 years old and I am from Transylvania, Romania. I am a high school student focusing on mathematics and computer programming.

I have only one rule: “Don’t waste your life no matter what!”, and volunteering is the perfect way to meet new people and to discover their cultures and their believes.

I am also the kind of person that loves to have long and interesting discussions about spirituality, philosophy, psychology, history and the list can go on. I am a calm person, sometimes preferring isolated places where I can think, but I am very adaptive to any environment so that I can make every experience an enjoyable one.


Haseeb from Pakistan

Scratch here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ to unveil my secret bio. Hurray! You did it 🙂 I am Haseeb, an international student in Hungary since 2019, and originally from Pakistan. I am an aspiring electrical engineer with a deep interest in making robots and artificial intelligence (AI). While being in Europe, my goal is to explore western culture, landmarks, history, and languages. Reading books, natural and architectural photography, playing ping-pong, and countries are my free-time activities. I always to try to find a connection between living humans and non-living things, and I believe that everything in this world works on the same pattern, and gets damaged or extinct due to the same causes (they just look different). Being to help someone anyway, anywhere, gives me internal happiness. Back in Pakistan, I am a founding member of a non-profit organization, that raises funds for deserving students, organizes free nutrition camps and financially supports needy families. NOW, I am determined to volunteer at the international level, learn from amazing people around me and share my skills with them, thus, to keep our community always smiling. THANK YOU “INPRO” for providing such an opportunity.

Bárbara from Portugal

My name is Bárbara Passos, I am a young Portuguese woman who comes from a wonderful and diverse city called Braga. I am currently taking my master’s degree in information systems, with a focus on cybersecurity at the University of Minho. I am an outgoing person who has a huge passion for photography, nature, and extreme sports. My favorite hobbies are doing trails in green spaces, surfing, and having social interactions with friends.

I strongly believe that this volunteering opportunity is a rich and unforgettable experience. You meet new people, different cultures, learn new languages, but above all, you can discover how magnificent the cooperation and friendship between the people of the project is and how gratifying it is to be instructed, not only in what you learn from the others but also in what you teach yourself in this experience and everyone around you.

Saida from Kazakhstan

My name is Saida and I am from Kazakhstan which is located in Central Asia. Currently, I am taking part in a volunteering program so I am a member of the Inpro team which consists of 16 volunteers.

It is a short-term project taking place at Rzeszów, Poland from the 7th of June to the 25th of July. I study at the University of Information Technology and Management and my specialization is Aviation Management therefore I live in Rzeszów since October 2020. I really fond of the city and I am glad what we have such projects where we can find new friends from different countries and get to know about their culture and values. Moreover, we are volunteering together and I truly think and believe that they are amazing and kind people.



Susanna from Georgia

I am Susanna Marabyan from Georgia, a 3rd-year University student.  I study international relations and I am interested in learning different languages.  I consider myself an ambitious person who always tries to make changes in life and make new adventures.

In my opinion, the university and school do not teach us everything we need to live, so I am always looking for more to learn something new, acquire new skills and just become the best version of myself.

The INPRO organization gave me such an opportunity in this volunteer project in the small city Rzeszow, which has already taken a small place in my heart.


Jeyhuna from Azerbaijan

Hello. My name is Jeyhuna. I’m 24 years old and I’m from Azerbaijan. I have been working as a freelancer Graphic designer since 2019.  Additionally, I like to ride a bicycle, reading books, watching movies, etc. First and foremost, I really like to learn different things from people and exchange ideas and experiences and I am trying to communicate with people.

I am really keen on outdoor activities. I think that we should participate in the INPRO project because we will get a chance to learn the importance of being a team and communicating with other people from different countries.

This is my first experience abroad, and I’m happy to start with Poland. I hope I will improve my communication skills, and I will keep traveling after the project.

Mouloud from Algeria

My name is Mouloud, I am 23 years old and I am from Algeria. Currently, I am undertaking a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management at the University of Information Technology and Management in Poland. I am deeply passionate about Philanthropy and Humanitarianism; I am always up to help people in need by offering physical and psychological assistance. I have studied in 3 different universities, majoring in French literature, English literature, and Journalism.

Currently, I am undertaking a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management at the University of Information Technology and Management in Poland. I had the chance to study in different countries, the most recent one was in Malaysia at a Chinese University. In Addition to my studies I worked in part-time jobs, such as Marketing and online sales, student recruiter, call agent, and waiter in a restaurant.