Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Closer to East Africa

Closer to East Africa

East Africa in the lens of traveler Katarzyna Ludwin


“INPRO” Association had the pleasure of organizing an exhibition of photographs by Katarzyna Ludwin under the slogan “Closer to East Africa.” The exhibition could be admired in October at the restaurant Trattoria Al Forno and in November at Galeria pod Ratuszem in Rzeszów.

Katarzyna’s works attempt to break the prevailing stereotypes about African countries. The photographs show the real life of inhabitants of the eastern part of the Black Continent. They create a story about the lessons learned and show observations made by a Polish woman about the culture, traditions and mentality of people in this part of the world. The exhibition “Closer to East Africa” is a result of the annual traveler’s stay in Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.

Katarzyna Ludwin comes from Rzeszów, but currently lives in Mumbai (India). She is a graduate of the Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology at UMCS. By being elected to the board of the Ugandan student NGO, Katarzyna got a chance to deeply learn about the cultures of eastern African countries, particularly Uganda.

The official opening of the exhibition took place on 1 October 2014, at 8.30 PM at Trattoria Al Forno in Rzeszów. The opening of the exhibition was the culmination of a thematic evening entitled “Breaking Stereotypes” hosted by INPRO.

The exhibition was co-financed by the municipal budget of Rzeszów.