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  • Life During the Lockdown
    Written by Sinan Yeşil I consider myself a very sedentary person. I am fully aware that this lockdown had many negative impacts on the vast majority of people. However, for
  • How can NGOs help you grow?
    Written by Marcin Kielczewski #1 The inspiration  A friend of mine once told me ‘make a home wherever you go’. What he meant by that was to establish a friendship
  • I don’t trust the media
    Written by Itziar Acedo The Spanish media is the least credible in Europe. Only 35% of the population trust the veracity of them.   The study of the Reuters Institute
  • Where’s the catch?
    Written by Rui Fernandes I wish I knew about all the opportunities available for youth when I was 18 years old. Nowadays, young people have a handful of opportunities available
  • What is identity?
    Written by: Skevi Laou Have you ever found yourself “checking out” people that are passing in front of you in a park or even while you are having your afternoon
  • From a Foreign Perspective
    written by Simone Bateson     #1 Food is the Doorway to the Soul   Have you ever found your expectations about a culture challenged? That moment when you realize
  • Multicultural cooperation in companies. Why is it important?
    Written by Artur Yaniuk In today’s world it’s quite common for us to meet people from different nationalities. We can meet each other in our lecture halls, in a room
  • 7 actions you can do to fight global warming
    Written by Damien Aymerich Climate change is here. You can already see the consequences: rising sea levels, temperature increase, lack of food and water, disappearance of species… But you can still
  • Polish Breeze
    Written by Luca Parise   Dear reader, Here I am. Now settled in Poland where the weather is always the same, mostly windy and cold. I remember that for the
  • Where do you feel like home? A few words about TCK.
    Written by Skevi Laou Where do you feel like home? Did you know we are living in a world where 244 million people are TCK cases (Third Culture Kids)? Third
  • Why to volunteer abroad?
    Interview with Joao Amiguinho – EVS Volunteer at INPRO Why did you decide to apply for EVS? There are many reasons for me to have applied for EVS, despair might
  • Mentors and Buddies
    By: Ismael Garcia Mentors are a mandatory part of EVS as well as a keystone in the program. On this article we will go through my experience from both sides,
  • Coping with Culture shock when you go abroad
    By: Elisa Gomez While visiting a country as a tourist may be easy and pleasant, discovering a new world surrounding us, less true is the experience of living and working
  • Feeling comfy in a brotherly, yet very different country
    By: Bernat Szloboda Travelling abroad is always an interesting and exciting adventure that holds many possibilities. People usually travel further so the difference between cultures is bigger and because of
  • 4 tools to modernize your classroom
    By: Nurseli Dibek While we volunteer here in Rzeszow with Inpro, my favourite activity is the school visits. I studied English Language Teaching in Istanbul. And during my studies in
  • “Yes, Germans aren’t very welcome in Poland.”
    By: Denise A few days ago I went to a school to give a workshop, we were playing some games and I was talking about my country. Everything was going
  • Not Just Baklava
    Welcome to our new Youtube series Not Just Baklava! Here, we are planning to produce video content about Turkey and its culture. As the name of the series indicates, we
  • Should foreigners get special treatment?
    By : Ismael Garcia Making the EU more attractive to foreign students has been an important topic over the last years. In 2013 the European higher education in the world
  • My EVS Life Series
    This September, INPRO launched a new video series on Youtube called My EVS Life. Each episode focuses on the lives of the volunteers working in INPRO. Through these videos, the
  • What EVS offers to your personality
    Hi. My name is Denise. I am a 17 year old from Brühl, Germany and as far as I can remember, I’ve always been a very shy girl. At school
  • Who is an EVS mentor?  
    By Sofie Löfdahl Nielsen , EVS volunteer in INPRO Justyna Chmiel in Barcelona, June 2018 This week I am interviewing Justyna Chmiel on her role as a mentor for an