Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

United we Shine

United we Shine is a project implemented in Rzeszów. The aim of the project is to develop interpersonal and intercultural competences among young people as well as among the organizers of activities – volunteers.

Currently, volunteers are organizing their own projects aimed at educating young people about interculturalism, equality and human rights.

Volunteers visit schools where they promote the European Solidarity Corps program, talk about their countries or organize workshops on culture, human rights, travel opportunities for youth and volunteering.

From September 2019, we have been hosting the following European volunteers who will stay with us until March 2020. The second round of volunteers is planned between June and September 2020.

The project also foresees one short-term round for 8 volunteers between June and July 2020. Please visit European Solidarity Corps platform to see if we currently run a selection for this project.

This project is the last project funded still by Erasmus Plus programme as it was approved before European Solidarity Corps program started. That is why it is open only to Erasmus Plus programme countries volunteers.

Volunteers who joined us from September 2019 till March 2020

Amanda Marigorta Quintana is 24 years old and comes from Spain. She decided to participate in the project because she wants to get to know new countries, their culture and gain new skills. She studied tourism and event management. Traveling is her passion. She loves nature, mountain climbing, and the sea. During her volunteering, she has been developing her skills related to social media and new technologies. She believes that the experience gained at INPRO will help her in her future career.

Sinan Yeşil is 24 years old and comes from Turkey. He likes traveling and reading books. He studied English and literature. Participation in the project allows him to develop his talents and passions. He runs theatre classes at one of the local high schools. Sinan is also the originator of a series of films that he records together with other volunteers. He wants to refute the stereotypes associated with Turkey and believes that thanks to international projects one can gain knowledge and meet interesting people. In the future, he wants to become a writer.

Coline Rey is 18 years old and comes from France. She decided to come to Poland to gain experience, develop her talents and reflect on her future. She likes to meet new countries and new people. Once a week, she runs French classes “French Together” and helps students of one of Rzeszów high schools to prepare for the English language final exam. In the future, she would like to study communication.

Luka Nikolovski is 18 years old and comes from Macedonia. He decided to become a volunteer because he wants to meet new countries and people. Volunteering at INPRO also allows him to develop new passions and interests. His main passion is computer games and new technologies. At INPRO, Luka has been helping young people find an interesting project so they could also volunteer abroad and experience the adventure of a lifetime. In the future, he would like to study economics.