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“United for better Results”

“United for better Results”


International Projects’ Association INPRO is a partner of  ECLAT for the “United for better results “ youth exchange.

The Aim of the youth exchange is to raise awareness regarding the importance of youth civic engagement and providing international opportunities in order for the project’s participants to perform in the future, both personally and professionally.

This project is funded by the Erasmus + programme that supports those engaged in both formal and non-formal education projects at the international level.

The objectives of the Youth exchange are the following:

  • to raise awareness about volunteering and active citizenship, to help young people from France (Guadeloupe) and from Podkarpackie region
  • (Poland) to stand up for their future, by doing actions and taking responsibility for their development,
  • to develop the personal skills of participants, such as self-confidence and self-motivation, a creation of a motivational environment, how to delegate, giving and receiving feedback as skills needed for becoming a leader with a basic set of leadership skills,
  • to explain to participants the role of youth in the local community.
  • to show the participants how qualitative volunteering, exchange and international experiences are playing an important role in starting your career.
  • to show participants the importance of cross-sectoral and international cooperation,
    to encourage participants to become volunteers and plan their careers better.


The exchange will involve 16 youths – 8 from France and 8 from Poland plus 4 group leaders (2 per country). The participants are youths ageing 18 to 25, and group leaders are without age limit.


The youth exchange will take place in Le Moule, Guadeloupe, for 14 days in February 2018.

Recruitment is open! Apply till December 10th 2017!

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