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“Strengthening Youth Capacity for Conflict Management and Peace-Building” | Armenia August 2017

Strengthening Youth Capacity for Conflict Management and Peace-Building

International Projects’ Association INPRO is a partner of More Mosaic and Armenian Progressive Youth for the “Strengthening Youth Capacity for Conflict Management and Peace-Building” project. The project gathers youth workers and activists from EU and non-EU countries to facilitate a discussion on common unity factors, how to practice non-violent communication and to share practical tools on conflict management and transformation.



The project is divided into four main integrated parts:
1) Introductory meeting in Tbilisi, Georgia, June 12-16, 2017,
2) Training of youth workers in Yerevan, Armenia, 25 August – 2 September 2017,
3) Local Initiatives in the Homeland of the Participants, September – November 2017,
4) Evaluation Seminar in Belgrade, Serbia, 19-25 November 2017.
After the training in Armenia, the participants will carry out activities and initiatives in their local communities as part of the local project.
The introductory meeting in Tbilisi and training in Yerevan will turn into a kind of “brainstorming” between participants, which will allow for the exchange of ideas and interesting concepts. The creative part of the project will allow participants to practice the acquired knowledge and skills.
Member organizations come from the following countries: Armenia, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Sweden, Turkey and Ukraine.