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INPRO Local Activities


The Overseas Highway

From the 16th to 29th of July, 2018 20 youth workers met in Rzeszow to learn about formal, nonformal and informal education, how to write an Erasmus + youth project and what it’s like to facilitate workshops for youth. The project also provides concrete tools for participants, such as energisers, team building activities and websites so that they can use them in their communities and schools.

Through INPRO’s guidance, participants received important tips and tricks for writing an effective project application. We hope all their projects will receive positive results.



Past projects:


Open Cafe

Open Café is an interactive two-hour workshop aimed to promote an open and inclusive society. It is an opportunity for the youth of Rzeszów – those who are born here as well as those who moved to our city from other corners of the world – to meet and get to know each other.

Every time we prepare a new program and a different topic related to human rights and global social problems. The event is hosted in English by our international volunteers from Italy, Armenia, Portugal and Ukraine.



Monday Stories

„Monday Stories” is a series of meetings with inspiring guests who are willing to share their experiences of living and working in another country. These events aim to enrich local people’s knowledge about other countries through the experience of people who lived in those countries.

The events are hosted in English and take place every Monday at 7PM in Rzeszowski Inkubator Kultury (Jagiellonska 24).


United for Integration

All participants in this project chose, a few years ago, to leave our homes to experience a brand-new country with incredible new outlooks, customs and activities. Being immersed in a different education system helped us to really experience and understand the people, the traditions and the cultures of the country. Studying abroad is a lifetime opportunity where you gain new skills, and open your minds to the world.



Youth in Tune

Between the 2nd and 9th of December 2017, the “Youth in Tune” project brought together 27 young people from 5 different countries to Rzeszow, Poland. During this time participants were challenged with creating a production crew, including a music band, a scenography team and a video and IT processing team.


Multicultural Cafe in Lubaczow

We warmly invite people who want to break their language barrier, explore other cultures, have fun and meet new people to Lubaczów every Thursday between 14:45 – 16:45 to take part in “Multicultural Cafe”.

We prepare for you icebreaker games, interactive activities and topics for discussion in order to better understand different cultures and its impact on the surrounding reality. During the meeting each participant will be able to actively participate in the workshops regardless to his/her language skills.


Open Cinema

Two times a month on Monday at 7.00 p.m. we invite you to RIK for screenings of documentaries and films. Each time we choose different and carefully selected movies about human rights issues, grassroots movements and European values. The screening is followed by a discussion club where participants can share their thoughts and impressions after watching a film.

The event is free of charge and open for everyone interested.


Business for all

The project aimed to develop and instill entrepreneurship skills in young people from rural and remote areas who lack opportunities due to the geographical position of their communities. We realized a training course for 24 youth workers from 8 different countries: Portugal, Italy, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary and Latvia. The project took place from the 27th of August to the 2nd of September 2017  in the city of Rzeszow, Poland. The project was supported by Erasmus Plus. 


Educate Me(dia)

Educate Me(dia) was a short training course funded by the Erasmus + programme that supports people engaged in both formal and non-formal education projects at the international level. Training helped participants to develop media literacy skills, understand how to develop empathy with the message sender or receiver and how to be effective in communication. We hosted in between 24 – 30 of October 2016 in Rzeszów and it was supported by Erasmus Plus.


Open Rzeszów

“Open Rzeszów” project addressed young people, both locals and internationals aging 15-30 from Rzeszów and Podkarpackie Province in South-East Poland. With this project we aimed to build an open, peaceful and inclusive society among young people. The project was also designed to break stereotypes regarding young people from this region who are seen as passive, conservative, intolerant and unaware of international issues related to human rights abuse, discrimination or violence.


Career ON

It was our original idea, a programme of 10 workshops about Youth Development and Empowerment. During these 10 workshops 32 young people had a unique chance to discover what is volunteering, working in a team and creating their own projects. We welcomed participants to join us for 3 study visits, which were designed to make them understand the reality of the job market. Workshops were conducted during the winter holiday of 2015 and also between April and May 2015.  Recruitment for the project is closed.


The Workshop Project

“The Workshop Project” was an initiative designed to widen the horizons of young people. It was a programme which consists of cyclical open meetings, in which high school and university students from Rzeszów and surroundings had a perfect opportunity to acquire skills useful for their future lives, by engaging in meetings organised by INPRO. The main goal of the workshops was to develop a certain curiosity in youth, as well as present them a look at our reality from a slightly different angle.


Language Cafe

Language Cafe project was designed to provide a relaxed and safe environment to language enthusiasts who would like to improve their knowledge and speaking ability of a foreign language by participating in workshops and lectures provided by native speakers. We focused on verbal communication, to share our skills with other participants and find out interesting facts about the cultures of other nations, and in addition to having a good time.


Education on anti-discrimination 

Our meetings “Take your point of view to work on” aim to introduce participants to the problems of discrimination that young people meet and often even experience nowadays. The workshops consist of a series of individual and group exercises and of unusual simulation games. Participants also get an opportunity to work with a camera and to prepare their own educational materials. Classes emphasize on the problem seen from the perspective of a discriminated person.


Breaking Stereotypes

International Projects’ Association INPRO was launching cultural evenings “Breaking Stereotypes”. Every first Wednesday of the month we invite either internationals, who came to Rzeszów because of job, love or just to study, or Polish expats, who used to live in the presented country. “Breaking Stereotypes” aims to provide to participants a fresh point of view on countries, which we perceive in a very stereotypical way.


No! to human trafficking in Podkarpackie

To raise awareness among local communities in Podkarpackie voivodeship regarding the global problem of human trafficking that exists also in our region. The project is focused on students, NGOs’ representatives as well as middle schools’, high schools’ and university teachers.
The project offered two-day long trainings for every target group completely free of charges. They were concentrated on anti-human trafficking.



Closer to East Africa

“INPRO” Association had the pleasure of organizing an exhibition of photographs by Katarzyna Ludwin under the slogan “Closer to East Africa.” The exhibition could be admired in October at the restaurant Trattoria Al Forno and in November at Galeria pod Ratuszem in Rzeszów. Katarzyna’s works attempt to break the prevailing stereotypes about African countries. The photographs show the real life of inhabitants of the eastern part of the Black Continent.