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Our volunteers can visit your school for a workshop

INPRO is currently offering the opportunity of Karolina Pastuszek one of our EVS volunteers to a school or an institution for a workshop.  As we found out in the past, these visits present numerous beneficial advantages both for the students and for the volunteers, as they allow a thoroughly full-immersive cultural exchange. At the moment INPRO is hosting five volunteers: Libero (Italy), Anastasiia (Ukraine), João (Portugal), Oli (Turkey) and Christina (Armenia). They have all been living here in Rzeszow since the 1st of July 2017. 

As it stands all four of them have some experience with students. In the past  months they have visited two high schools in Lubaczow, some  schools in Rzeszow and  primary school in Wysoka Glogowska. All the visits received very positive feedback from all the people involved.

Our EVS volunteers are ready to tailor the classes according to your needs and desires and you can choose what type of class are to be delivered from three types. All the classes will be delivered in English.

The first one is an integration and team building class which lasts approximately 1.5 hours. It aims to create or strengthen the bonds between the students while at the same time improving their English speaking skills.

The second type of class aims to increase their knowledge about other cultures through playing activities and speaking English. This class lasts about 45 mins or 1.5 hours.

Finally, the third type allows the volunteers to present their own countries to the students, increasing their knowledge of a completely different reality while at the same time encouraging and inspiring them to travel those places.

INPRO is also available for organizing workshops in our office in Rzeszow Culture Incubator. It is an exciting experience for the students as it allows them to take a break from the school environment and makes them more receptive towards the class ahead.

As our volunteers know little or nothing of Polish we kindly ask you to be able to provide translation help if or when needed.

The visits are of course free of charge.



Beata Szmuc, EVS coordinator

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