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Going for EVS

Going for European Voluntary Service with INPRO


International Projects’ Association INPRO is accredited by the European Voluntary Service as a hosting, coordinating and sending organization. EVS is a part of the Erasmus+ Programme financed by the European Union. European Voluntary Service is a chance for young people between the ages of 18 and 30 to go abroad for couple of months in order to realize, as a volunteer, different initiatives important for local communities.

If you are interested in going for EVS and you are looking for a sending organization – contact us. Getting to know each other and discussing about the programme and about your expectations is the first step towards participating in any EVS opportunities.

If you wonder what kind of projects are available across Europe, just visit projects’ database of European Youth Portal and see for yourself hundreds of opportunities waiting for you!

Moreover, every last Wednesday of a month at 17.30 we invite you for an info meeting about European Voluntary Service. Details available on Facebook.

Info meetings are hosted in Polish language, however we are able to offer individual consultations in English as well.

For any further questions please contact EVS coordinator in INPRO

Beata Szmuc

beata@goinpro.org / 0048 721 109 179

Read about stories of volunteers who are currently abroad:

Ola in “Maison de jeunes et de la culture”, in France

My name is Aleksandra, and I’ve been a volunteer for quite some time now. I’ve organised conferences, workshops and concerts, I’ve worked in a children’s hospice and made an extraordinary amount of coffee while volunteering in a social cafe. I’ve been a member of a students’ school council, I’ve done some work for an animal shelter. Every one of these projects gave me some new insight, taught me something I hadn’t known beforehand. None of it could have prepared me for the exceptional experience that is EVS though. The huge cultural jump, the language struggle, all of the new faces and places, and tea flavours – it can get a bit overwhelming at times, but mostly it’s just incredibly motivating and inspiring. But, from the beginning. I started my project on the 1st of September, when, after way too many hours of travel, I arrived in Flers, Normandy. It’s a small town, but I had already known that when I applied, more than half a year earlier.

Magda in “KÖZ-Pont Ifjúsági Egyesület”, in Hungary

Hello! I am currently writing to you from Nyíregyháza, Hungary where I am doing my EVS. Originally I am from Wrocław, but I was raised and lived almost my whole live in Rzeszów. This is where I went to school and university. This is where I discovered Erasmus+ projects. This is the city I found INPRO and some of my best international friends.
My story with Erasmus+ started in September, 2015 when I moved to Covilha, Portugal for one semester as part of student exchange. Ever since after that I was always looking for new ways to travel and meet people from all over the world, until I found discussion meetings in my city done by volunteers from EVS. That was the beginning of my adventure that is taking place now here in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary.


Magdalena in “KASA Fondation Humanitaire Suisse”, in Armenia

I decide to take part in the EVS project of my own accord – today I know that it was one of the best decisions in my life. I did not know the organization I wanted to work with, but I was sure I wanted to go to one of the Caucasian countries. While I was looking at the offers found in the Europa.eu database, I found a project in Armenia with the cooperation of the Swiss foundation KASA and the Polish NGO INPRO, I sent my application without thinking too much about it, and after an interview with Skype I got a year of volunteering in Yerevan! KASA – Komitas Action Suisse-Arménie is a foundation established 20 years ago and its aim is to  support Armenian people who aspire to achieve a sustainable development of their country.

Jakub in “KASA Gumri Centre d’accueil et de formation”, in Armenia

Almost one month ago I went to volunteer in Armenia in city called Gyumri. It’s already my second EVS project. In July and August I was on short-term EVS in Gaziantep in Turkey. I was working with Syrian and Afghan children – teaching them English and playing the guitar. Working with refugees and listening their stories full of pain and tears was not easy, but for sure it was valuable experience. I loved volunteer work, intercultular environment and travelling, so I decided not to start university this year, but go for another EVS.