Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Entreprise Youth Future 2.0

The project is an educational experience for youth workers involved in youth education. The activity aims to develop and stimulate entrepreneurial spirit of young workers which will later be transferred to young people, especially for the ones from remote areas. The project address to youth belonging to geographical areas which limits young people’s opportunities.

Each of the project foreseen mobilities will involve participation and work of 30 youth workers (YW) coming form 10 countries.

1. Training course on social entrepreneurship

During 7-days, July 2019 in Rzeszów, Poland, youth workers will improve entrepreneurial knowledge, become aware of their role in stimulating private initiative of youth, how areas can develop if youth start new businesses in the community.

2. Study Visit to local entreprises

In September 2019 in Hague, Netherlands when participants will visit local enterprises, educational centres, an awarded school with entrepreneurial tradition and will have the chance to meet local experts as quests during SV sessions.

The project is initiated by our organization and Internationale Arbeidsvereniging  from the Netherlands and realized in cooperation with 8 other partners.