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Breaking Stereotypes Bosnia & Herzegovina

Breaking Stereotypes Bosnia & Herzegovina


On the 1st of October at 7 PM, we met for the sixth time at Trattoria Al Forno to have “Breaking Stereotypes” evening in order to, while having a cup of coffee or tea, listen to stories brought from far away. This time we were taken into the heart of the Balkans, to the country with a small territory but a great spirit – Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We got to know Kasia Betlej, who shared with us her stories from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Kasia went to Bosnia and Herzegovina for a one year volunteering service, from which she had just come back those days. By working in a library and in a local NGO, by studying the language and by getting along mostly with Bosniaks, Kasia got a chance to deeply study Balkan culture and to understand better the complicated history of this country of less than 4-million inhabitants, which nowadays has… three governments and three presidents! During the meeting, Kasia explained to us this phenomenon and told us why the Balkans is a fascinating place to live. Our guest also shared anecdotes about brandy and Slavia – the regional feast day of the saint patron of the family – as well as about Bosnian sense of humor and about people who created her reality in a foreign country.

The patronage of the event came from the Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Radio Rzeszów and Promar International.