Stowarzyszenie Projektów Międzynarodowych „INPRO”

Magdalena`s in “KASA Fondation Humanitaire Suisse”, in Armenia

I decide to take part in the EVS project of my own accord – today I know that it was one of the best decisions in my life. I did not know the organization I wanted to work with, but I was sure I wanted to go to one of the Caucasian countries. While I was looking at the offers found in the database, I found a project in Armenia with the cooperation of the Swiss foundation KASA and the Polish NGO INPRO, I sent my application without thinking too much about it, and after an interview with Skype I got a year of volunteering in Yerevan! KASA – Komitas Action Suisse-Arménie is a foundation established 20 years ago and its aim is to support Armenian people who aspire to achieve a sustainable development of their country. The organization is involved in the economic, social and cultural life of
Armenia by organizing workshops, lectures, conferences and projects to help Armenians in
modernizing their country. KASA is also involved in refugee assistance projects (mainly from Syria, Iran and Ukraine) as well as programs aimed at promoting Armenia abroad by organizing tourist trips and training guides. Apart from me, the other EVS volunteers in the organization Cassie from France and Paul from Switzerland. After having been here for over two months I can say that I am fascinated by the culture of this country and grateful for the opportunity to work and develop in this environment. I go to the foundation five times a week (Tuesday to Saturday) and my main duties include preparing and hosting an English language club. Once a week, we conduct with other volunteers workshops according to a previously chosen topic of the month (eg media or environment). My club is part of the Young Citizen of Armenia project, which runs five other clubs: French language, human rights, sociological-psychological, intercultural and “Yerevan”. I have one on one Russian classes twice a week, in fact I can participate in all KASA guided tours (It is an opportunity for me to discover Armenia) and I also engage in integration meetings with refugees and volunteers. In my free time I explore Yerevan, where almost every day artistic, music and film events are organized and I travel around Armenia with my friends from here. Thanks to SALTO, which is taking care of all EVS participants in Caucasian countries, I had the opportunity to spend a week in Tbilisi, where training was provided for all volunteers from Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan. I can honestly recommend this type of volunteering to anyone who wants to experience incredible adventure, develop their interests and learn a whole new culture!

Magdalena Sznigir